Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

If you are health conscious, you most likely start your day with a cup of warm water with fresh lemon juice, perhaps some meditation or yoga, and a nutrient dense smoothie to fuel your day. After sipping water out of your reusable, BPA-free water bottle throughout your day, it's time for a quality session with your rose-quartz dildo.

Did that last part catch you off guard? If so, get ready for the new world of green, clean products taking over the sex industry.

With a growing amount of intriguing new products to explore -- from crystal sex toys to vegan condoms and natural lubricants -- the sex industry is in the midst of empowering, exciting revamp.

It makes sense that if we pay attention to the toxins and chemicals in our beauty products and food, there would come a time where we would become concerned with the products we use in/on one of the most precious parts of our body. Apparently, that time is now.

Which Products Are We Talking About?

One of the first areas getting a makeover is condoms and lubricants. Rather than condoms that get produced using milk-derivatives or other animal supplies, companies are now offering completely vegan condoms.

Coconut-oil lubricants are also exploding in popularity thanks to their lack of chemicals and preservatives found in typical lubricants.

Vegan condoms and natural lubricants? Just the beginning! Health-conscious consumers are boosting sales of green, natural products in all areas of the sex industry. Everything from natural sex toys to biodegradable vibrators are seeing a boost in sales.

Equality, Empowerment, and Consent

Sexual empowerment

With the current climate of sexual empowerment, consent, and gender equality, conscious sex presents a clear, realistic framework to help ensure that both partners can safely explore their desires.

It is all about embracing curiosity, ending the shame that typically surrounds sex, fantasies, and masturbation, and exploring sexuality in a safe way.

Websites such as Yoni Pleasure Palace are now offering interactive videos that explain specific techniques, re-educate individuals on consent and pleasure, and offer education sans judgment. By breaking the cycle of disempowerment, we can do away with the guilt and shame that have surrounded sexual exploration for generations.

Crystals - The Natural Partner of Conscious Sex

An excellent pairing with conscious sex? Of course, that would be crystals! Consider how many people use crystals around their necks to feel the energy. Now imagine using a crystal inside your body and the possibilities it could offer. Talk about an amplified, exhilarating experience!

Along with their enhancement capabilities and the opportunity to connect with your body on a deep level, these toys can also be used for fostering a sense of self-love.

A best-seller -- the Rose Quartz Crystal Pleasure wand -- even earned a recent mention in a Women's Health article. Consumers have spoken -- green, natural products are long overdue!

Celebrate Your Personal Experience

Along with forging ahead and embracing sexual energy and awakenings comes the need to be aware of any self-judgment or unrealistic expectations. It is easy to think 'if I am not doing this or achieving that, then I must be missing out or doing it wrong'.

It is crucial to adopt a healthy mentality and understanding that not every experience will be mind-blowing - and that is completely okay.

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July 23, 2019 — Rosie Rees

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