What is Yoni Steaming:

Vaginal Steaming is a holistic self-care practice of sitting or squatting over a bowl of steaming herbs that permeates the exterior surface area of the vulva and vagina. Over the space of a female's life the vagina whitstands a lot between menstruation, childbirth, pap-smears, hormones, surgeries, incontinence, prolapse...oh and pleasure, sex and orgasms too!! 

Yoni Steaming, otherwise known as 'V-Steaming' (as seen on The Kardashians) is an ancient practice passed down through the Mayan culture by midwives and healers to help women heal after childbirth, miscarriage or menstruating. Historically it has been practiced in almost every continent -  New Zealand, Africa (Mozambique, South Africa), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Korea), and Central America (among the Q'eqchi' people).


Ways to sit over the yoni steaming pot?

There are many ways to practice yoni steaming -- some ways are easier and more achievable than others! I found a vintage toilet for sale for $50 on Gumtree (see image below), which works perfectly for yoni steaming (you can also take a peak on my Instagram post about it here). However, if you're feeling crafty, you can build something or find a way to yoni steam without needing to buy something new. Here are some ways you can steam:

  • Kneel or squat in frog-pose over a heat-safe glass pyrex bowl. Place towels on either side of the bowl to make it more comfortable. This option requires flexibility in your ankles and knee joints. 
  • Use two chairs separated enough so there is a hole in the middle of the chairs.  
  • Create a make-shift wooden stool and cut a hole in it.
  • Buy a bespoke wooden stool to sit over (go shopping on Etsy!).
  • Place a bowl in the toilet and sit over it (not as hygienic in our humble opinion). We recommend sanitising your loo first. 

Why cover your torso with a dress:

The yoni steam herbs are brewed and steeped in a pot on the stove, and the bowl is placed under you or under your open seated chair. Always remember to cover the bottom portion of your body with a sheet, towel, dress or maxi skirt wrapped around your torso to create a kind of sweat lodge for your lower torso. This keeps the steam insulated. Then you simply sit and receive the delicious, moist warmth of the healing steam - like a facial but for your vagina! Give your herbs back to Mother Earth when you're finished. 


Yoni Steam Benefits:

The herbs, when boiled and steeped with filtered water are passed into the bloodstream through the vagina and have been known to help with many pelvic, menstrual, fertility and hormonal issues. Yoni steaming: 

  • May regulate periods and lessen cramping 
  • May reduce long cycles (35 days) and lengthen short cycles (26 days)
  • May reduce the length of bleeding if you bleed for 7 days or more
  • May enhance fertility
  • May reduce unpleasant odour 
  • May assist with post partum healing (grazes, scars, episiotomy, prolapse symptoms etc)
  • May help with healing from sexual trauma 
  • May assist with healing haemorrhoids
  • May reduce cysts, fibroids or PCOS
  • And lastly, it may release bad juju!! 

How vaginal steaming may improve fertility:

The steam increases blood flow to the vulva, vagina, cervix and uterus and gently clears the uterus of residual endometrium from past menstrual cycles that may be preventing the egg from properly attaching itself to the wall of the uterus and receiving the crucial nutrients needed to grow a baby. It's also been discovered to help unblock fallopian tubes, which assist with fertility. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. 

Steaming along with abdominal womb massage can help warm the entire pelvic region, improve circulation & blood flow and also bring the uterus into alignment and homeostasis inside the pelvic bowl - an essential for fertility! 

When to vaginal steam for optimal fertility:

If you're wanting to conceive a baby, it's best to steam a) on the last few days of your bleed (for example day 5) to encourage a complete emptying of the uterus and b) during the days before ovulation when you’ll be having the most sex (for example day 12 or 13). By doing this, it will increase circulation to your pelvic floor, hydrate the vagina and relax the ligaments holding up the uterus. Steam as many times as you wish before ovulation, but stop after conception.  

When NOT to yoni steam:

It's important to know when not to do a yoni steam. Do not steam your vulva when you're:

  • Ovulating and trying to conceive a baby
  • Pregnant or if you think you may be pregnant
  • If you have an Intrauterine Device (IUD) (some say you can for only 5-10 minutes). The reason for this is because it may dislodge the IUD by warming up the cervix. Check out my IUD highlight on @rosie.rees for reasons not to have an IUD. If you have a low libido, painful sex, breakthrough bleeding, anxiety or severe depression it may be time to get your IUD removed asap! Your IUD can cause serious mental health issues due to the vagus nerve being impacted. 
  • Have an active internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation) 
  • Have any open herpes sores or blisters present
  • During heavy menstruation (the last few light days of your bleed is fine)

When is the best time to yoni steam:

The best time to do a steam is a few days before your period (this might help to bring on your bleed) and a few days after your period (this will help to clear any lingering blood). It's best to yoni steam 4-6 times during the month (no more) and avoid around ovulation, especially if you're trying to conceive. If you notice brown period blood at the start or end of your period, it's because the blood is older and took longer to leave your uterus and the uterine lining darkens the longer it takes to leave the body. This is a great time to steam! 


Here’s how we do it:

  1. Step 1: Boil 8 cups of filtered water on the stove and add a big handful of Yoni Pleasure Palace organic steam herbs (buy yours here). Bring to a soft boil for 5 minutes.
  2. Step 2: Steep the herbs for 5 mins while it remains on the stove. This is important that you keep it on the stove top so the herbs oils and aromas are activated and released into the water. Do not add extra essential oils as it will be too strong for our sensitive vulva.
  3. Step 3: While it’s steeping I go to the loo (release bladder) and also take a quick warm shower so I feel clean. I also make sure I’m warm with slippers or socks on and a warm robe.
  4. Step 4: Set up your space. Pour the 4 cups of hot water into Pyrex or heat-safe kitchen bowl and wave hands over it to make sure it’s not too hot. Remember it should never hurt or burn - it should feel like a warming sensation over the vulva, perineum and anus. Remove undies and sit over the bowl of steaming herbs for 10 minutes with a towel, sheet or maxi skirt over the top of your lap to trap the heat and not let any steam escape. Mediate, sing, read, do anything that feels good (except for be on your phone - that’s my number one rule). I have a vintage toilet that I found for sale on Gumtree but you can also just squat over a large heat-proof bowl and place towels over the edges of the bowl for comfort.
  5. Step 5: Once it cools down pour the water into the garden or down the toilet, and then pour the next 4 cups of hot water and herbs into the bowl and squat over it for 10 more minutes. Reheat if you need to if it’s cooled too much.
  6. Step 6: Enjoy the calming, warming delicious effect of heating up your Yoni. Allowing it to swell, engorge and receive a facial-like steam, helping to release old stagnant blood from the uterus and any other energetic or physical blockages that want to be shed (cysts, fibroids, endo cramps etc).

Vaginal Steam Precautions:

If you sit too close to the steam (if it's too hot) it will burn or feel too intense, so make sure you use your best judgment and be cautious around the hot water. Wait until the water has reduced in temperature before you sit over it. You can test this by waving your hand over the bowl of steaming herbs. The user assumes all risks when undertaking a yoni steam. 

What yoni herbs do you use?

When you buy Yoni Steam herbs from us, you receive one pack of loose leaf yoni herbs, 35 grams, which is good for about 1-3 uses. Buy yours here. We also recommend joining the Golden Yoni Membership for two guided workshops and mediations on yoni steaming. 

The herbs include: Licorice Root, Fennel Seeds, Ground Star Anise, Ground Cloves, Horny Goat Weed, Angelica Root, Maca Root, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Pimento Berries (allspice), Mediterranean Sage, Rosemary, Lavender buds, Purple Cornflower Petals, Mugwort, Chamomile Flowers, Calendula Flowers, Linden, Sun Dried Orange Peel, Jasmine Flowers, Ironwort, Tea Roses, Tea Roses, Red Roses Petals, Chrysanthemums, Orange & Mandarin Zest. 

Share in the comments below your experience of Yoni Steaming! 

Love Rosie x

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