Orgasms are one of the most powerful experiences a human can have – and the female anatomy can have a multitude of different kinds.

But unfortunately, that’s not everyone’s experience.

Are you used to only having one type of orgasm? Do you feel like you’re in an orgasm rut? Are you ready to unlock a whole new world of orgasmic potential? *cues the Aladdin song*

Well don’t worry – that’s kind of our thing here at Yoni Pleasure Palace. 

Let us introduce you to the world of blended orgasms. It’s time to learn all about these earth-shattering climaxes, and how to get there.

What is a blended orgasm?

When we say blended orgasm, we mean stimulating multiple erogenous zones simultaneously until you climax. Your clitoris and vagina. Vagina and anus. Nipples and clitoris. You get the picture!

With dual stimulation, you can reach new levels of pleasure and tap into toe-curling, mind-bending, esoteric orgasms.

But depending on how you look at it – every orgasm is a blended orgasm. 

Clitoral Anatomy 101

Your clitoris, vagina, vulva, it’s all interconnected (and yes, the clitoris is part of the vulva). Let’s take a quick anatomy lesson – we promise it will be fun. 

Most people think of the clitoris as the tiny button that sits at the peak of your vulva. Really, your clitoris is more like an upside-down wishbone with “legs”, crura, and “bulbs”, vestibular bulbs, that extend downwards behind your labia, around your vagina and urethra, and towards your anus.

These bulbs and legs are also packed with erectile tissue that swells when you’re turned on. This helps increase lubrication and sensation throughout your vulva and vagina. 

So when you focus on just the clitoris, for example, you’re in turn stimulating other parts of the vulva and vagina. Still, solely stimulating the clitoris is typically thought of as a “clitoral orgasm”, even though that’s not technically correct, anatomically speaking.

How to Have a Blended Orgasm

Anatomy lesson over. 

Now that you get the mechanics behind a blended orgasm, how do you get there? Let’s call this lesson “physical education”.

1) Get the right equipment

It can be tricky to nail the ergonomics of dual stimulation, especially when you’re masturbating. The last thing you need when you’re having sex with yourself is a hand cramp. 

Our recommendation? 

A powerful product designed to stimulate both your vagina and clitoris at the same time, so that you can focus on your pleasure, instead of trying to juggle multiple toys.

Introducing The Dual and The Rhea.

Both these products are designed with a longer end for G-spot stimulation and a silky smooth head to sensually embrace your clitoris at the same time. The Dual has longer dimensions for those with a longer vaginal canal – along with a pulsating tongue to mimic the tantalizing sensations of oral sex. 


Yinn Body The Dual


The Rhea, on the other hand, has slightly shorter dimensions and offers 9 frequency vibrations to catapult you to new levels of pleasure. Both these products are amazing, but those with an average length or shorter vaginal canal will likely be able to experience more precise G-spot and clitoral sensations using The Rhea. 

You’ll be seeing stars faster than you can say “blended orgasm”.


Yinn Body The Rhea


2) Start slow

If the world of blended orgasms is new to you, here’s a heads up – it can be intense. Wonderful. Empowering. Life-changing. But intense.

Remember that there’s no rush.

This is your body, your experience, your journey.

Taking your time not only lets you adjust to intensifying levels of pleasure, but it can also help you connect with your body and experience deeper, more satisfying orgasms. 

If you feel like you’re rushing, or like the sensations are overwhelming, remember to breathe into it. You can always stop or slow down for a moment to recalibrate, then ease back in slowly.

We’ll say it again – there’s no rush. 

3) Surrender to the moment

With these intense sensations, it’s normal to want to contract and tighten or try to control the experience. While there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever feels natural for your body, there is so much power in softening and surrendering.

You may find there’s a moment where you’re tensing and rushing, but see what happens when you soften into the sensations.

That moment of surrender is where the real unlocking is. Just over that edge lies new levels of pleasure. A deeper connection with your body and an understanding of just how powerful it is. How powerful you are.

How’s that for a blended orgasm?

January 23, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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