One of the most transformative tools we teach here at Yoni Pleasure Palace is the process of “de-armouring”.

We carry so many shields and defenses as we go through life – to protect ourselves physically, but also emotionally

These shields are necessary – to a certain extent. But when we continue to let them build, they start to block us off from the most beautiful parts of life.

Connection, creativity, and pleasure.

We build these shields around our hearts, but also around our erogenous zones. We’ve touched on yoni de-armouring, but that’s not the only place you can use this deep practice.

Your anus is another key erogenous zone.

But sometimes you have to break down those shields to experience the deep pleasure that can come from anal play.

Your body keeps score

Your body is so incredibly intelligent. As you go through life it collects data essentially and keeps score of this data to help support you on your journey.

It remembers any negative or traumatic experiences you’ve gone through, cultural views on sexuality that you’ve embodied, and any shame you’ve felt – especially when it comes to your body and sexuality.

This can really play out when it comes to anal pleasure because of the extra stigma that exists around anal play. The irony is, that when you’re able to release these feelings through de-armouring, you can tap into mind-bending, earth-shaking sensations

Is anal de-armouring right for you?

Anal de-armouring is a deep, sometimes intense, yet transformative process. Really, anyone with an anus (so everyone) can experience the life-changing effects of de-armouring. Of course, we only recommend it for those who are interested in anal play in the first place.

What are some signs you could benefit from anal de-armouring?

  • You want to explore anal play
  • You feel sexual shame or guilt, especially around anal play
  • You have difficulty relaxing during anal play
  • You feel excess tension in your anus

Your anus is capable of experiencing such deep pleasure, but you might have to break down a few walls first.

How does anal de-armouring work?

Anal de-armouring helps you to release physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks, especially around sexuality and anal play.

When you release these blockages, you help to get rid of any numbness or pain you may be experiencing and make space for increased pleasure, orgasms, and a deeper connection with your body.

But how exactly do you do it?

Anal de-armouring can be done by yourself or with a partner that you trust. 

You’ll need the right tool to help you reach deep pressure points in your anus. Our recommendation? The Medusa Glass Dildo Pleasure Wand – a “double teaser” designed for both g-spot and anal stimulation. We love The Medusa for this practice since the four-tiered bulbous end helps you gradually experience deeper anal sensation. 

Medusa Glass Dildo Pleasure Wand in Hand

You’ll also need lube, Yinn’s Water Based Lubricant is a great choice.

This is essentially a deep anal massage that’s meant to increase blood flow and open pathways to pleasure.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Go into this practice free of judgment and expectations.
  2. Take some time to relax and connect with your body. You may want to practice breathwork, take a bath, or do some sensual movements.
  3. Start turning yourself on (or have your partner do so) through whatever gets you juiced up.
  4. When you’re feeling open and ready to receive, start slowly inserting your lubed-up Medusa (or another toy).
  5. Pay attention to any areas where you’re experiencing pain, numbness, or tension, or where certain emotions around shame or discomfort come up.
  6. Hold your toy there, breathe into the sensations, and focus on what comes up and what unravels. The goal is to face the discomfort so that it can dissolve (of course avoiding any sensations of actual pain).
  7. You can use vocal activation, letting any deep feelings come out through whatever avenue they want to take – crying, laughing, moaning, letting it ripple out of you. If you’re doing this with a partner be sure to communicate what’s happening and what you need.
  8. Practice after-care. This can be intense, especially in the beginning. Ask yourself what you need after. That could be cuddling, journaling, a shower, a snack, or sitting in the sun for a few moments.

Go slow and listen to your body every step of the way. It can take a few sessions to see deep changes from this practice. Remember that you don’t have to carry this armour with you anymore. You deserve all the pleasure and all the connection!

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February 02, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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