Have you ever heard of a cervical orgasm? If you haven't, I can't wait to fill you in on this absolutely mind-blowing mix of spiritual, powerful, out-of-this-world bliss!

Read on to learn exactly what a cervical orgasm is, why they are so magical, and how to have one for yourself!

What Is a Cervical Orgasm?

Cervical orgasms are commonly described as:

  • Deep, pulsing, pleasure throughout the abdomen (and sometimes the entire body)

  • Total elation and bliss

  • A perfect mix of exhilaration and relaxation

  • Melting, pulsing, deep sensations of enjoyment

  • A way to feel one with yourself or your partner

  • Ecstatic

  • Spiritually profound

  • Magical

If you have never heard of a cervical orgasm before, you may feel a little overwhelmed or unsure if you can experience one, but I promise you that with the right attitude, commitment, and patience, you will be well on your way to giving your body one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself!

The Cervix: Unique, Powerful, and Full of Pleasure Potential

Dr. Barry Komisaruk can be credited for discovering the power of the cervix (a spongy patch at the back of the vagina that separates it from the uterus). This scientist and orgasm researcher discovered that his subjects could experience orgasms and pleasure through cervical stimulation due to the vagus nerve.


Essentially, we now know that the cervix -- and only the cervix -- is connected to three sets of paired nerves within the body. This means it can experience orgasm and pleasure independent of other pleasure pathways. It was literally built for mind-blowing pleasure!

What Is A Cervical Orgasm Like?

As opposed to clitoral orgasms that rely on localised tension and release, cervical orgasms feel like a deep, pulsing wave of pleasure.

Many women praise the unique way cervical orgasms perfectly combine into a profound, spiritual experience with powerful pleasure. This is why cervical orgasms are sometimes also referred to as the Tantric orgasm.

Is There Any Science Behind Cervical Orgasms?

Okay, so there isn't much science in this area, unfortunately. Research in this area is sorely lacking, aside from some mostly unknown studies on rodents.

Science aside, the common theory behind the power of cervical orgasms is the release of something known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This compound naturally occurs in some plants and has been used as a psycho-active ingredient in Ayahuasca, a type of plant medicine. DMT is known to contribute to intense, transcendent experiences that seem to match what women describe during cervical orgasms.

4 Tips for Activating Positive Sensations Within Your Cervix and Connecting To It

In no particular order -- since this is a non-linear process -- here are four interchangeable tips for reaching a sublime cervical experience:

1. Get Connected With Your Cervix

Many women will find that their cervix is numb or uncomfortable at the beginning of their journey. However, with dedication, consistent cervical stimulation, self-awareness, and self-acceptance, you can move closer and closer to experiencing full-body bliss thanks to your cervix.

The more you practice, the more intense and pleasurable the feelings will become and the more connected you will be to your body, making it easier to know what works and what doesn't.

A great book on connecting with your cervix is 'Informed, Aware, Empowered: A Self-Guided Journey to Clear Paps' by Denell Nawrocki. It's about Denell's journey to fully healing herself of HPV and cervical dysplasia. You can buy her book here.

2. Say No To Clitoral Orgasms (Temporarily!)

Don't panic! This is just for a little bit. As blissful as clitoral orgasms are, they follow a tension-based, goal-orientated process -- exactly what we are trying to avoid right now.

Experiencing a cervical orgasm requires a true state of relaxation and the ability to let go and get in touch with the subtle workings of your inner being. Holding off on clitoral orgasms while you explore cervical orgasms can help you get closer to Giving up clitoral orgasms during this process also trains your brain to start feeling the subtleties of your inner world.

Although it might be best to hold off on clitoral orgasms, do not be afraid to stimulate your clitoris to get you properly warmed up. Speaking of our next point...

3. Be Sure Your Are Completely Turned On

It is key to be completely aroused since this allows the cervix to move out of the way and allow for deep penetration.

Take some time to discover what toys, movements, rhythms, and touches get you fully relaxed and turned out. Practice speaking up for exactly what you need and what you enjoy and let yourself take as much time as you need to reach a state of full arousal.

4. Embrace Love

The heart and cervix have always been linked in Eastern sexuality practices. In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix even serves as the heart point. During self-pleasure, try to focus on feelings of love. With a partner, focus on the love you feel for them, the connection you feel, the joy you find in being with them, and the acceptance you feel between each other.

Getting in touch with these feelings can make it easier to open the channel between your heart and cervix and bring you that much closer to pure bliss.

How To Have a Cervical Orgasm

There are different approaches to having a cervical orgasm. You can use your fingers (if they reach), a glass dildo, g-spot wands, or sex (doggy style wins for the best sex position to achieve a cervical orgasm).


A great way to start stimulating your cervix and working your way toward a cervical orgasm is simply sitting still with your finger or a toy on your cervix and allowing sensations and awareness to grow.

Do All Women Like Their Cervix Simulated?

Not necessarily. Some may love it, some may find it uncomfortable at first, and others will find they prefer other paths to orgasm. But it is certainly worth exploring. Ultimately -- as with anything when it comes to sex -- it's all about what you want and enjoy!

Take the time to listen closely to what your body wants and be willing to try different things. As long as you open yourself up to the potential pleasure and stay true to what turns you on and gets you off, you are on the right path.

Go With the Flow and Be Patient With Your Body

As with any type of orgasm, rushing the process will likely leave you frustrated and maybe even judgmental toward yourself.

Take. Your. Time.

Approach this as an adventure of self-discovery and a journey to pleasure. And that's exactly what it is. A beautiful journey. It will take time and practice, learning, experimenting... all things that can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable!

Whether by yourself or with a partner, the journey to a cervical orgasm can be just as profound as the orgasm itself. It truly is a time to connect with yourself on a deeper level than you ever have before.


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January 27, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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