Sensuality is often thought of as a persona, and is often associated with our sexuality. This is not not true, and it is also not the whole picture. So, let’s explore sensuality in an expansive way - especially as it relates to how we can break beyond limiting beliefs and create the life of our dreams, shall we?

First Off, What Is Sensuality?

I love these two definitions per Google, and feel free to allow whatever visuals or visceral experiences come to you with these descriptions:

  1. the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.

  2. the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.

To me, it is fully feeling all of the bodily sensations and the blissful pleasure within each of these sensations. Through this focused, yet surrendered experience of the present moment, we uncover our desires, get in touch with our truth, & recognize how pleasure is truly all around us and available to us at all times


(yes, even when we are in something agonizing - it is a very useful life skill to alchemize through pleasure! Keep reading…)

Through connecting with our sensuality, we are brought into the BODY, into the present moment - where we are connected to our TRUTH and can express our authentic essence.

From this place, we automatically are brought into a richer experience of life since the present moment is the only place where the vibrancy and aliveness of life can land.

It is from this place that we actually become vessels for quantum opportunities and abundance to be received and truly enjoyed.

Let’s expand on what I mean by the “quantum” and how our sensuality and pleasure allows us to access this space, becoming the creators of our own reality.

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you know that “like attracts like,” and whatever is going on in your subconscious beliefs / stories are going to manifest into your reality. So you may think you are receiving the success, the money, the lush vacation because of all of the hours of hard work you put in. “I get this as a result of doing this.” If you believe this to be true, you would be right…

And there is also another way. The former is explaining a linear way of creating your reality, however, we can also work with the Quantum realm that creates the success, the money, the lush vacation through changing our beliefs we can have the things, experiences, and feelings that we desire through magical and graceful ways - this goes beyond the linear way of “making it happen” and instead we are tapping into the infinite opportunities of the universe to bring it into our reality. This is the science of frequential synchronicity - of what I like to call: everyday magic.

Yep, we are all capable of manifesting a reality we desire, as long as our subconscious beliefs are on board because these thoughts send out a certain frequency that is reflected back to us through relationships, opportunities, support, inspired actions, etc. under grace and seemingly magical ways.

So Where Does Sensuality and Pleasure Fit Into This?

There is a universal law that understands our consciousness is malleable. This means that the linear, transactional way of creating a reality CAN be shifted (however this can be very difficult for the conditioned human!!) and attuning ourselves to pleasure makes this MUCH, much easier as pleasure makes our consciousness malleable.

Don’t Believe Me Yet?


  1. Identify something you desire having, being, or feeling AND a block or belief that is supposedly keeping you from having it. (ex: “I can’t feel liberated because I am stuck living in my parents’ home.” or “I can’t show up online for my business because I may be rejected and judged.” or “I can’t love my body because I have a slow metabolism.”)

  2. Now, close your eyes. Relax ALL of your muscles, your whole body and face. Breathe deeply into the belly. Begin gently grazing your fingers over your arms, legs, collar bones, neck, belly, bringing you INTO your senses. Experiment with different grazes and pressures.

  3. Allow yourself to surrender to the PLEASURE of each sensation for at least 1-3 minutes. If you are feeling sexually aroused, even better for shifting your subconscious beliefs! Allow it!

  4. Now, bring back your desired vision, as well as the limiting belief or block. Continue allowing the pleasurable sensations to send electricity through your body, and as you do, feel the sensations melting away the block or limiting belief. Feel your desired vision as YOUR CURRENT TRUTH.

  5. Keep going until the vision is undeniably possible for you and you are tapped into your inner wisdom who knows: “Of course, I can have this reality!”


This practice may take some time to drop in, to fully surrender to the pleasure of the sensations, and the more you do it, you will become attuned to pleasure throughout your days. It will become easier to tap into this sensuous way of Being, feeling the deliciousness in the air around you, allowing each sensation to be electric in your body, attuning you to the abundance always around you and within you. From this place, doubt cannot exist. From this place, you know you are magical, you are powerful, you are the creator of your reality... and the best part? Your radiant abundance is reflected back to you in the physical reality.

Mel is a Women’s Embodiment + Sensuality Coach, leading women into radical self-love and empowerment. She believes ALL HUMANS can create the most vibrant, ecstatic, magical life of their biggest dreams. She is on a mission to empower and liberate as many women as possible, giving them a massive permission slip to BE their truest, most authentic, radiant selves.

May 18, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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