You’ve heard of the G-spot, and you’re hopefully well acquainted with the clitoris, but what about another, a bit more elusive pleasure spot hidden deeper up the vagina.

We’re talking about the A-spot.

Sound familiar?

If not, no worries, we’re here to tell you all about it – and just how to pleasure it.

A-spot 101

First off – what and where is the A-spot?

The A-spot – one of the deep vaginal erogenous zones – is often called the female prostate because it’s located in the same place as the prostate for male-bodied people.

You’ll find it deep inside the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder, about two inches above the G-spot. The exact location of the A-spot may be different for each person because it depends on their internal clitoral structure. 

Do most people experience pleasure from A-spot stimulation? One study found that about ⅔ of participants experienced more vaginal lubrication, while 15% had an orgasm.

That being said, even if you don’t orgasm or get (more) wet, as long as you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters.

How do you find the A-spot?

Your first step to finding the A-spot (we think you’ll like this) is finding the G-spot.

Once you’re juicy and turned on, you’ll take one or two fingers (you’re welcome to use lube here), slide your finger(s) inside your vagina and gently curl them toward your belly button in a come hither motion.

First, you’ll find the G-spot, which feels like a walnut-sized patch of spongy tissue. Then you’ll keep going up about another couple inches or so and instead of going in and out like you might do normally, you’ll move your fingers in a windshield wiper motion. 

If you start to feel increased pressure or sensitivity, congratulations, you’ve likely found your A-spot! 

Unlike the G-spot, the A-spot doesn’t feel different from the rest of your vaginal tissues, so you’ll have to go off sensation.

How to pleasure the A-spot

Now that you know where your A-spot is, let’s get into how to get the deep erogenous zone pleasure. Your fingers may or may not be long enough to stimulate it – although you can always ask for help, *wink, wink*.

Either way, we have a couple of tips and tools to help.

Just like when you used your fingers, you’ll most likely want to start with lube.

Then you can bring in a toy designed to reach deeper parts of your vagina.

Our favorites? 

The Crystal Serpent Dildo and The Cervix Serpent™ Glass Dildo Pleasure Wand. Now which one to choose?

The Crystal Serpent is a beautiful wand carved from your choice of rose quartz, black obsidian, or green aventurine with a bulbous sphere for G-spot stimulation and a textured finer end for slimmer girth. The s-bend of this wand is extra long so you can pleasure deep into the vagina.

The Cervix Serpent is a curved pleasure wand made from body-safe glass with a bulbous, ribbed head for stimulating the deepest erogenous zones – including the A-spot.

Both are great for partnered and solo play.

After you pick your pleasure wand, you can take the instructions we gave on finding your A-spot and use them with your toy of choice. Take your time, be gentle (or not), and enjoy your new-found pleasure zone!

April 17, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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