I think we can all agree that no matter where you’re from in the world, our current models are not working. Everywhere you look you see pain, suffering, wars, violence, mental health issues, and the overall theme of people’s needs not being met. 

What gives?

That is a huge question, but a lot of this pain and disconnect comes from our current leadership models (and the ones that have led us to this place). A lot of this violence and suffering comes at the expense of cis-women and LGBTQI+ folks and stems from a disconnect with the feminine. 

No one is quite sure what ancient history looks like, but it’s clear that more cultures had this reverence for the planet and even lived in matriarchal societies. Besides some indigenous groups, the large majority of the planet has lost touch with this.

But bringing back the power of feminine leadership is essential for us to grow, connect, and heal together, and with the planet. 

1) The power of feminine leadership

There’s a lot of esoteric language when it comes to talking about feminine leadership, but what does that actually look like in practice? Feminine leadership emphasizes the importance of rest, nourishment, collaboration, healing, creativity, and so much more.

These are some practical ways people can do that:

  • Living more communally
  • Ensuring people’s basic needs are met (help your neighbors!)
  • Focusing more on creativity and collaboration than consumption

Feminine leadership is dynamic and spacious, leaving room for everyone to have their needs met and play a part. This framework doesn’t shy away from the most difficult and taboo parts of life like birth, death, and sex. It leans into them!

2) Connecting with the Earth

We call this planet “Mother Earth” for a reason. Much like any other mother, the Earth holds us, nourishes us, cares for us, and teaches us some hard lessons. 

We’re not saying to go back in time and turn your back on all the incredible modern technologies we have at our fingertips, but to instead use these innovations to live more intentionally and take steps to not only minimize your impact on the planet but to also tend to it as it does for you.

Things like gardening, eating seasonally, and shopping small and local are all action steps you can take to help embrace feminine leadership and care for the Earth.

3) Start small

When we think about leadership, we tend to think of these big, grandiose changes. And while those are certainly necessary, the little things are just as impactful. Especially in your day-to-day life.

Embracing feminine leadership starts with being a leader in your communities, families (chosen family), work, and any other places where you can make an impact. It involves approaching these places with compassion, understanding, and a soft, but powerful strength. Every time you interact with someone from a place of compassion and understanding, you’re helping to move the needle a little bit.

4) Connect with yourself

In order to lead others, you first need to develop a deep connection with yourself. There are so many ways to connect with yourself, and this will look different for everyone. Some of our favorite tools are journaling, therapy, gentle movement, and a pleasure practice.

Solo sex allows you to connect with your body, yourself, and your sense of pleasure so that you can go out into the world that much clearer and more empowered.

One of our favorite tools to connect with feminine energy is the Breast Activation Kit, which we designed to help with emotional healing and openness. The combination of the breast massage oil and Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is incredible for helping you tap into self-love, sensuality, and femininity!


Another resource for female empowerment is the book “Single Pringle” by Stacey June. This book shows you how to embrace the single life, have deeper relationships, and most importantly – love yourself wholeheartedly.

Feminine leadership is not defined by any gender, creed, or dogma. It’s a framework and approach that makes space for people to grow and thrive – together.


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May 15, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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