At Yoni Pleasure Palace, we are all about loving your vulva, but it’s not something that comes naturally. When growing up we are often met with statements like “don’t touch it”, “that’s dirty”, “don’t play with it”.

We learn about "designer vaginas" and people getting labiaplasty to make their vulva more visually appealing. Worldwide, the number of labiaplasties performed in 2019 reached 164,667.

There’s an onslaught of insults online when a woman has a camel toe, a moose knuckle, a skinny or fat vulva - whatever that means!
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When we look at pornography or nudey magazines, we are met with a barrage of images of women with “innies”, with no visible labia or very little. Even swimwear on Instagram wearing dental floss bikinis celebrating the Barbie puss which isn't realistic for so many vulva owners.

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So how on earth are we supposed to love what we have been blessed with?

How are we meant to believe that what we have is beautiful?

We are seeing more and more of a body positivity movement, and we are here for it! We love celebrating different bodies of all shapes, sizes and colours here at Yoni Pleasure Palace… But how can we go deeper with it?

Let’s look at some ways that you can fall in love with your vulva.


1. Get up close and personal.

Using a hand held mirror to look at your vulva closely. It can be confronting at first but the more regularly you do it, the more you will start to understand your body, your pleasure centres. Watching yourself masturbate is not only a massive turn on, it will also fill your body with endorphins and oxytocin the love hormone which will naturally improve the loving feelings you have for what you’re seeing. Take a look at your vulva at different times of the day, at different stages of your cycle and at different points of arousal.

2. Yoni Steaming.

Looking at your vulva both before and after a steaming session is recommended, seeing your vulva engorged and full of blood can be a bit confronting the first time, so take a good look before hand too so you know what it looks like on a “normal” day.
At yoni we love a beautiful steaming practice to help us connect with our menstrual cycle, our fertility, manage stress and increase circulation which naturally increases lubrication & sensitivity leading to more pleasure which is a pretty hard benefit to resist.

3. Self Pleasure sans vibration.

Intense vibration desensitises our vulva. Indulge in slow self pleasure with your hands, glass or crystal wands. Use plenty of lubricant for slip and enhanced sensation. Exploring all areas of your vulva and vagina, seeing what feels good and where, different pressures, motions and angles. Often in self pleasure we find ourselves going for the “old faithful” movements that we know get us there. But practicing slow self pleasure to explore and learn about your inner workings is a much more fulfilling experience and the orgasms achieved are sensational.

Have a look at our glass wands here.

Have a look at our crystal wands here.

4. Look at other vulvas.

If you’re ever able to visit Tasmania, Australia and go to the Mona Museum in Hobart, you will be met with The Great Wall Of Vagina, an exhibit showcasing and celebrating over 150 vulvas. We love this progressive move (although the name could do with some anatomically correct upgrades). We need more exhibits like this to show vulva owners that everyone is different and every vulva is beautiful and unique.

5. Invest in your knickers.

When it comes to loving anything, you want to treat it. Does a loved vulva deserve to be wrapped in rags where the elastic is stretching, threads are pulling and there are stains in the crotch from 3 years ago because it’s been that long since you bought new underwear?
Do you wear undies of a certain fabric that make your yoni smell a different way, or does your laundry detergent make you feel uncomfortable down there? When you put on your underwear, are you comfortable? Adorn your vulva in threads that honour her.
[writers note: I personally find that slinky no show fabric to really upset my yoni, so if I am concerned about visible lines, I opt out of underwear all together! I also find that in general workout clothing changes my scent in a way I don’t like]

Above we mentioned Cherri Underwear - check them out!

6. Sniff it.

Yep, I know it seems weird but when you go to the loo, feel for your cervical fluid, what does it feel like, what does it look like? Is it sticky, wet, slippery, creamy etc?
Smell it, does the smell change throughout your cycle? Get familiar with your vulvas juices. Smell your underwear and get to know what fabrics compliment your yoni and what ones your yoni doesn’t love. And even taste your cervical fluids. Getting really comfortable with your yoni and everything that happens down there will help you to number one, fall in love with it, and number two, identify if something isn’t quite right down there.

7. Use a yoni egg.

A yoni egg is a powerful tool that has so many benefits. It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, revives sensation within the vagina, increases natural lubrication, increases libido and in general makes you feel like a sexy, empowered Queen with a super power secret when you're wearing it.
One of the first steps in cultivating a deeper connection with your yoni within the Golden Yoni membership is to work through a yoni egg practice.



8. Join the Golden Yoni Membership.

Acceptance and education go hand in hand. Within the membership, our introduction module dives into the anatomy of your yoni. As you progress through the program, we work through sacred practices that support you in honouring your body and falling in love with yourself.

Can you honestly say that you are in love with your vulva?

Let us know in the comments below if you are going to try any of these tips to fall in love with your vulva!



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December 23, 2022 — Taryn Wrezounik