“You just have to trust your intuition”.

Easier said than done!

While it seems to come more naturally for some people, your intuition is like a muscle. The more you intentionally exercise it, the stronger it gets. 

If you feel like you’re constantly questioning your own judgment. 

If you don’t know which way to go, how to put one foot in front of the other.

If you consistently find yourself in situations that don’t feel aligned with your higher purpose.

You can change this.

You can strengthen your intuition, learn to trust yourself more and experience the magical synchronicities that come from committing to yourself. 

Ok but how do you actually do this?

Here are our top tips for strengthening your intuition:

Practice in small moments

When we’re trying to make big changes in our lives, we often get stuck in the trap of needing it to big and grandiose. That your intuition will suddenly come alive when you have a huge life decision to make.

Like whether or not to take a job. Or move to a new city. Or take the next step in your relationship.

While these are all important opportunities to practice your intuition, you have to start small.

Remember how we said intuition is like a muscle? Well, you can start to work it out in teeny, tiny moments. 

Try these small, intuition building practices:

  • Take a walk and when you reach a fork or turn, simply ask “Which way do I go?”. This is a small, but mighty practice you can do on a daily basis. 
  • Instead of stressing about what to eat, lay your hands on your belly, close your eyes, and ask your body what it wants.
  • When making small decisions, try being more decisive and go with your gut instinct instead of going in circles in your mind.

Little by little these start to add up, and you will notice your intuition getting stronger and stronger.

Create a “buffer zone”

It’s hard to listen to your intuition when you don’t make time to listen to yourself. If you don’t know what that inner voice sounds like, you won’t know what to listen for when you need it most.

You can begin to understand the language of your intuition by creating a “buffer zone”. This is intentional time where you sit with yourself, without distractions, and tap into your inner knowing.

For some people this looks like meditation, others it means their morning journal practice, it could even be during solo-sex. 

It doesn’t matter how you create your buffer-zone, what’s important is that you feel like you have some spaciousness between yourself and the outside world. When you do this, you feel more grounded, centered, and it makes it that much easier to listen to your intuition!

Start a yoni egg practice

Another tangible way to learn to trust your intuition is through one of our favorites – a yoni egg practice. Yoni eggs may help you strengthen your pelvic floor, increase sensitivity in your yoni – and give you an incredible opportunity to tap into your intuition. 

This ancient tantric tradition can help you connect with your feminine essence through the power of your womb space. Using a yoni egg can help you ground into your body, the seat of your power, and source of your intuition. 

Our top pick for an intuition building yoni-egg practice is our Amethyst Yoni Egg. Carved from calming, meditative amethyst, this yoni egg can help you connect to your intuition and inner guidance. Amethyst is also great for helping sooth nerves and anxiety – which can get in the way of your intuition. 

Your intuition is much stronger than you think. You just need to take time to strengthen it and learn to trust it!

Amethyst yoni egg


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March 06, 2024 — Natasha Weiss