Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Tracey (Glorious You Project)

Trained by Amy Towle Temple of She

Tracey (Glorious You Project)

I invite you to think of this Yoni Massage as an experience of repairing your connection to the feminine, and your voice, and weaving your medicine into your life and the collective.


Yoni Massage is about restoring a woman’s rightful presence in her centre so it belongs to her.

The invitation for you is to be in union with the most powerful aspect of yourself. So you can hear the medicine of your Yoni.

So she can guide you to your most meaningful life.


Tracey started this journey after many years of trying to stuff down the feelings of shame, confusion and expectation she had around her femininity, from trauma imprints in her womb space that began from the age of 7.


Tracey weaves her love of ritual and cycles into her work and believes that conditioning plays a huge role in how we embrace and share ourselves with the world.


The goal Tracey has in offering this sacred modality is to empower a woman to live from her pelvic space, to fully occupy her feminine potential and come closer to knowing her own potent medicine. That is unique to each of us, there is no one way it should look.


Your voice is your external expression of permission and Tracey gently guides you to bring your voice and body into a union.


Tracey is a strong believer in empowerment and brings this to her sessions of service to you, your unique story, honouring your voice, and your body and is dedicated to bringing harmony to your 3 sacred portals, voice, heart and yoni. Where we explore your permission points and hold you sacred, where you are in complete control of the session. Held. Revered. Honoured.


All of you are welcome in my space. 


Our pelvic bowl is a portal we should all know and receive information from.



I’m glad you’re here, come along and let’s Remember Your Sacred Ability.



Hunter Valley (Central Coast), New South Wales (October 25-27) BOOK HERE

Northern Beaches (Sydney), New South Wales
Wales (August 30 - September 1st)