Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Zyra (Inspired+Delicious)

Trained by Temple of She - Amy Towle

Zyra (Inspired+Delicious)

Zyra is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner who believes in the transformative power of yoni massage to improve womens' lives and foster a deeper connection with their bodies. With a genuine passion for living sensually and empowering others to embrace their bodies, Zyra is committed to creating a safe and nurturing space for personal growth and healing. In a world where societal pressures and expectations often lead to disconnection and insecurities, Zyra recognises the significance of body confidence and self-acceptance. Through yoni massage, and other modalities, Zyra aims to break down the barriers that hinder you from embracing your sensuality.

When you book a session with Zyra you can expect a profoundly enriching experience that goes beyond physical touch. Each session is tailored to address individual needs and desires, allowing you to explore and reconnect with your sensuality on a deeper level. Zyra firmly believes that embracing one's sensual nature is a pathway to self-discovery, empowerment, and improved overall well-being.The benefits of a yoni massage session with Zyra are multifaceted. Physically, women often experience increased relaxation, reduced tension, and a greater understanding of their bodies' unique responses and sensitivities. Emotionally, the practice can lead to a release of emotional blockages, fostering emotional healing and a sense of renewal. 

Zyra provides a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your desires, boundaries, and limitations. By promoting open communication and consent, Zyra ensures that each session is a respectful and transformative experience.

For Zyra, this work stems from a deep-rooted belief in the power of healing touch and the importance of embracing sensuality as an integral part of human experience. Having witnessed firsthand the positive impact of yoni massage on personal growth and empowerment, Zyra is dedicated to sharing this gift with others. She is an empathetic and knowledgeable practitioner, passionate about helping clients embrace their sensuality and improve their lives through the healing power of yoni massage. By creating a nurturing and accepting environment, Zyra takes you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and body confidence for every individual who seeks a transformative experience. 

Services Available

3 Hour Yoni Massage - $400

1 hour EFT - $90

1-2 Hours Closing of the Bones - $150-250

Food Tantra and/or catering, Pregnancy support, Trauma support, Sensory Journey, All things luscious please contact Zyra.