Crystal. Silicone. Glass. Most of us are familiar with the various materials sex toys can be made from. But what about metal?

While metal sex toys may conjure up images of a cold, hard, heavy toy, these attributes are exactly what can make them so enjoyable.

Let's dive into why metal dildos, specifically silver, may be a great addition to your bedroom.

Benefits of Metal Sex Toys

1. Metal Sex Toys are Body-Safe, Environmentally-Friendly, and Easy To Care For

Want a dildo that is easy to clean, can be used with any lubricant type (silicone, oil, hybrid, or water-based), and is easy to care for? Meet the metal dildo.

As a non-porous material, metal is free of microscopic pores that can trap and hide bacteria. This makes metal dildos a breeze to clean.

Silver sex toys, in particular, feature natural antimicrobial properties, making them even easier to sanitize. To clean a silver dildo, warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner are all you need.

Further, since metal dildos feature high-quality construction, these dildos have the potential to last a lifetime. Talk about environmentally-friendly!


2. Temperature Fun

Metal toys are ideal for temperature play, meaning using heat or cold to explore different sensations during sexual play. They retain both cold and hot temperatures and can be warmed up or cooled down to explore different sensations.

Here are some fun ways to try temperature play with a metal sex toy:

  • Cold - Cool down your metal sex toy in the fridge about an hour or so before you want to play.

  • Warm - Place the toy in a bowl of hot water to warm it up.

Metal sex toys can be used outside the body or internally, both anally or vaginally. Always make sure to use the inside of your wrist to check the temperature before insertion.

As a bonus, a metal sex toy that has been heated up can be used vaginally to possibly help relieve menstrual cramps and relax your pelvic floor muscles to increase arousal.

3. Vaginal Stimulation

With their firmness and weight, metal sex toys are perfect for exploring new sensations and feelings of pleasure, including G-spot play.

The G-spot (or G-zone as I prefer to call it) is an area about two inches inside the vagina on the front wall. When aroused, this area feels rough to the touch, similar to the roof of your mouth.

The G-spot can be stimulated by inserting fingers into the vagina and curving them upward toward the front of the body. Imagine a "come hither" motion. While everyone has different pleasure spots, stimulating this area can lead to intense sensations, orgasms, or squirting.

The location of the G-spot can make it a little tricky to maintain the perfect pressure with your fingers. Metal wand to the rescue!

Many metal dildos feature special curvature or bulbous tips, making them perfect for directly massaging the G-spot.

Along with the G-spot, let's not forget about another erotic zone in the vagina that responds to pressure: the a-spot. This area is located a little further back in the vagina and has the potential to lead to mindblowing orgasms.

4. Anal Stimulation

Having trouble finding your G-spot? Many women are surprised to find out you can also try stimulating the g-spot through anal penetration. Since the wall between the vagina and anus is so thin, the anus can be ideal for exploring new pleasure potential.


5. Switch Things Up

Is your sex life feeling a little stale? If we masturbate the same way every time or only have one main way of experiencing pleasure, our bodies can get stuck in a rut or become dependent on one type of stimulation. Metal dildos can be a great way to make things exciting and interesting again.

While it may take a little time and experimenting to figure out a metal sex toy, that is part of the fun! Stimulating your body in a new way, learning more about your pleasure spots, and exploring your body is such a powerful way to connect to yourself and embrace your femininity and sexuality.

Tips For Using A Metal Sex Toy

If using a metal dildo feels foreign or overwhelming at first, remember to take your time and give yourself grace. It is normal for a new sex toy to feel a little intimidating at first.

To get used to a silver dildo, try:

  • Warming up with your preferred type of stimulation

  • Using plenty of lube

  • Using it only for external play for the first few uses

  • Keep practising and allowing your body to get used to it

  • Use it for stimulating other sensual areas of the body such as the inner thighs, the lower abdomen, the nipples, or anywhere else you enjoy pleasure

What To Look For In A Metal Sex Toy

When choosing the best metal sex toy, watch for one that is:

  • Firm but lightweight

  • Body safe

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Anal and vaginal safe

  • Shatterproof

  • Crafted to last a lifetime

  • Compatible with all types of lubricants

Want To Know More About Metal Sex Toys?

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September 13, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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