Meet Devotional Tantric Bodywork® Trainer: Stephanie Avis


Stephanie Avis

In her twenties, Stephanie discovered the incredible world of Bodywork, and little did she know how much it would transform her life! It became the cornerstone of her personal healing, and spiritual journey, landing more and more of her spirit in her body-temple, which included embracing and integrating her sexuality.

Why Bodywork?

Exploring the realm of professional bodywork was, for Steph, the key to healing several chronic physical and mental health challenges, including childhood sexual trauma. Through receiving bodywork, and her own personal embodiment practices, she unlocked and integrated the power of her sensitivity and sexuality, one of life’s most profound gifts.

Before fully transitioning into bodywork, Stephanie spent a decade working as a Psychologist in both public health and private practice, specializing in somatic therapy for mental health disorders. But it was through her training in Psychosomatic Therapy that her true calling emerged when Steph discovered her gift in working hands-on with the body. Steph found her passion in supporting healing through a trauma informed approach to the body and integrating sexuality into the human system as a whole.

Steph's life’s love is being in Devotion to the Body. She feels humbled and privileged to be in service to bodies in this way. Steph loves supporting women to Receive, Reawaken Pleasure and Remember the Eros that they are! Steph also specialises in effectively treating Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, and the results she attains with clients are a testament to her expertise.

Stephanie has been utterly awed by the transformations she has witnessed through Devotional Tantric Bodywork®. The impact it has on people's lives is nothing short of life-changing. And that fuels her mission - to train more devotional, integral, and safe practitioners offering this beautiful healing art-form in the community. Devotional Bodywork is an approved training provider with the IICT offering professional insurance to certified Devotional Tantric Bodyworkers®. She's deeply committed to mentoring Tantric Bodywork practitioners on their journey’s as leaders in this field.

If you're seeking a safe space to heal, explore, and embrace your body and sexuality, you're in the right place!


Stephanie's Training

Stephanie is a registered Psychologist with a Bachelor in Psychology (First Class Honours, Griffith University). Stephanie holds the following qualifications: Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy & Emotional Release Bodywork, qualified Womb & Fertility Massage practitioner, Cert IV in Remedial & Swedish Massage, Kahuna Massage & Bodywork (Level 4), Lomi Lomi Massage & Bodywork (Level 2), Usui Reiki (Level 2), Cert IV in Spa & Beauty Treatments, Certified Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Anusara, & Kids Yoga), Foundations & Treatment of Trauma (Bessel can der Kolk).

Stephanie has trained and mentored directly with world renowned tantra teachers, including Goddess Tantric Massage and LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training with Kerry & Diane Riley (Australia), Bodywhisperer (Stephanie Phillips), Initiatress (Sigourney Bell), Magdalena Priestess Initiation (Winter Icely), and private mentorship with Laura Deva (Touch from the Void, BodySecrets), Elisa Caro, and Shaney Marie.