Yoni Boudoir

Yoni Boudoirs™ are Rosie Rees' signature crystal sex toy party, designed to teach women about Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands and how they are instrumental in opening women up to more pleasure, power and pussy potency.

This workshop is perfect for you, if you would love to learn the following:

- An introduction to Yoni Pleasure Palace Yoni Eggs & Pleasure Wands.

- Different yoni crystals and their meanings. 

- Implementing sacred rituals for slow self pleasure practices.

- How to set an intention into your yoni egg and codes for best use. 

- Q&A to answer any juicy questions.

- Refreshments: Hot cacao and fresh fruit for Sensual Eating.   

- Gentle meditation for grounding and entering into the pelvis. 

- Show and tell, passing around of demo stock.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to purchase products in person, rather than online. You are given a chance to feel and sense what they are like, so you can better choose. We will have stock on hand.

The Yoni Boudoir™ is the perfect entry-level workshop for beginners or anyone with a vagina who wants to learn another way to masturbate than simply using a vibrator on their clitoris. 

In this workshop there will be no nudity or insertion of any products (level 2 is coming soon...).

What to bring:

- A journal 

- Water bottle

- All mats and blankets are provided

- Wear warm comfy clothing


$50pp or $500 flat fee for groups of 10 people or over. Includes bubbles, a platter of seasonal fresh fruit and delicious organic chocolate.