Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Freya Graf

Trained by Bonnie Bliss in Yoni Mapping Therapy and Stephanie Phillips Tantric Practitioner Training

Freya Graf

Freya Graf is a Yoni Mapping Therapist and Holistic Sex Educator/Coach with 8+ years of experience, who deeply values holistic health, humour and personal development.

With a background of study in Kahuna massage, yoni massage and mapping, facilitation, childcare, yoga teaching, neo-tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality, Freya works to inspire, educate and empower, supporting you to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body and strengthen your connection to your sexuality.

Freya's early journey with sexuality and her yoni has been fraught with challenges, trauma and deep patterns of shame, insecurity and shutdown. Once upon a time she used to wear bathers in the shower with her long-term partner due to crippling self-consciousness around her naked body, wrap her fingers in Gladwrap if she touched her Yoni because she was so repulsed by her genitals, and would almost burst into tears when faced with a close-up cock!

Her self-work to heal and transform this area of her life was what set her on a path to specialising in supporting others in this realm and why she's now so passionate about helping others liberate themselves sexually.

Because of her personal experience with how her sexual "stuff" severely impacted her life, her relationships, and how she moved in the world, Freya now has an incredible level of compassion and empathy for those battling with difficulties in this area and is therefore in a unique position to support those who struggle with orgasm, self-love, body image, sexual trauma, and lack of confidence in the bedroom.

She has a deep understanding and respect for what it is to be a woman and is continuously amazed and filled with gratitude for her opportunity to work with women in such a special and important way. At the same time, she believes in never taking herself too seriously and finding great pleasure and playfulness through her reverently irreverent sense of humour.

Freya is inspired by nature’s innate wisdom, reflected in our amazing bodies and in the natural environment that she loves to get amongst and explore. Her passions range from nutrition, cooking, reading endless stacks of books and creating natural skincare products in her kitchen, to dance and movement, learning, singing, organic gardening, and real human connection.

Freya offers one-on-one Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions for vulva owners and online sex coaching and education programs for the whole gender spectrum. She has launched an epic 3-month online course called Queen Out and pours her heart, soul and lots of laughter into her podcast The Labia Lounge where she interviews incredible guests about all things womanhood, sex, vaginas, relationships, holistic health and self-development!

She believes that sexual empowerment is the most potent path to a deeply embodied and fulfilling life and that nobody deserves to settle for crappy sex, toxic relationships, shallow connections and a lack of intimacy. 

She's on a mission to help you level up your sex life, transform your relationships, enhance your intimacy and learn to access more pleasure, self-love and confidence in your body than you knew you could feel!



Melbourne, Victoria

Sydney, New South Wales

Perth, Western Australia

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