Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Laura Elizabeth

Trained by Amy Towle Temple of She

Laura Elizabeth

Laura creates intimate experiences for conscious women and couples who are ready to step into a deeper layer of magic to embrace and embody their sensuality, reclaim their voices and own their power! Imagine feeling confident, connected and sexy each and every moment.

Having spent a lifetime researching, testing and exploring her own body, Laura is constantly hungry for new experiences that bring her deeper to truth, and to the very innocence of her erotic essence.

Her journey so far includes sexual exploration, failed relationships, pregnancy and birth, reclaiming her body and learning how to love herself apologetically. She has freed herself from shame and the need for external validation. Tumultuous at times, she can say with confidence that she is deeply in love with every cell of her being, and  wants this for all women.

You can experience pleasure and presence in every thing you do, with every breath you take. (Make sure you have a spare pair of knickers handy at all times!)

Laura works with women and couples ready to uncover the sexiest parts of their magic and release taboos around exploration and pleasure. Women and couples who want access to their full potential as an aligned and embodied sensual, spiritual being.


  • Her ability to create and hold a safe container is unmatched. 
  • She cares deeply about your innate ability to access your magic and fulfil purpose through connecting to this sacred part of self on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.
  • She helps smash your taboos, your body image stigmas and your shame surrounding pleasure.
  • She has real-life experience and over 600 hours as a sexological bodyworker and over 18 years of experience as an energy and bodyworker.
  • Laura has a very real, quirky and honest delivery ensuring the deepest empathy, understanding and non-judgment.
  • She holds your hand and loves you while you remember how to love yourself.



Nedlands (Perth), Western Australia

Melbourne, Victoria
30th November to 3rd December