Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Sara E. Silverstein (USA)

Trained by Kristin Alexi Murray, Yonilicious Academy

Sara E. Silverstein

Sara Silverstein is someone who has lived a few lifetimes in this one. She is an International Breathwork Facilitator, a Female Sexuality Specialist, a Sex Coach and an Aura Photographer. Her robust background in the spiritual arts has led her to fleeing her finance job in Corporate America to seeking out how to help individuals navigate through the tribulations of life.

Sara was someone who used to suffer from crippling anxiety attacks, depression slumps and she couldn't find orgasmic pleasure with partners due to complex trauma and her own inability to voice her needs. She has dedicated her focus to helping other souls avoid the pitfalls that she encountered and empowers each client she meets to transform their lives through nervous system regulation, pleasure mapping and other various healing modalities.

Sara's innate ability to use her intuition to help others has led her to teaching all over the globe but she truly thrives on helping connect people back into their own power so they can be their own healer - with a few extra tools in their spiritual toolbox. If you are seeking out a facilitator who will provide a space for you to be authentically yourself and lovingly walk you through how to change old patterns - Sara is an excellent choice to begin your healing journey.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New York, New York

Sara regularly travels throughout North America by request