1:1 Coaching


Rosie specialises in Relationship Coaching for women who are ready to be vulnerable, shed the layers, do the nitty-gritty inner work and get deep to their truth. Her coaching aims to empower, enrich and strengthen your relationship with yourself, and re-create (or attract) a conscious and loving relationship with your partner.

Rosie’s coaching begins with you! By establishing your relationship with the self (physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual) we take back our power as this is the only thing we have power to change.

Her coaching techniques are derived from her training with Tony Robbins in Strategic Intervention and Marriage/Divorce Prevention, as well as her life experience in relationships, singledom, sex, orgasm, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, healing and meditation.


A typical session with Rosie may often include:

★ Release sexual blocks

★ Heal your body image perception and become more confident in your naked skin!

★ Guidance on embracing vulnerability & open communication with your partner 

★ Build an loving and empowering relationship with yourself

★ Witnessing your self talk and creating new storiesLetting go of guilt or shame around your sexual expression

★ Become more connected to your voice, your mission and purpose

★ Create a strategy to end unhealthy patterns or addictions in relationships

★ How to overcome fighting and jealousy in a relationship

★ Holistic tools and tactics to deal with over-active or under-active sexual energy (high libido or low libido)

★ Become more orgasmic with yourself by creating a beautiful, self loving self pleasure practice

★ Help to attract or manifest a new relationship – dating tips!

★ Assistance with breaking up /ending a relationship  

★ Rituals to awaken your feminine intuition and inner guidance system  

★ Releasing energetic chords to past partners or relationship dynamics

★Pelvic floor exercises using the Yoni egg


1:1 One-off Session: $300


Rosie Rees is the founder of Women's Nude Yoga a three hour workshop guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance, courage and an appreciation for their naked body. Rosie is also a leading Relationship Coach and has helped thousands of women transform their relationship & intimacy with themselves and their partner. In 2014, Rosie created an online crystal sex toy boutique 'Yoni Pleasure Palace', sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality.

Rosie lives in Perth in Western Australia and travels the world sharing a modern, yogic twist on nudism and empowering women to take control of their sexuality and pelvic floor health.


I work with women who are dedicated to learning a new way of conscious relating and who are committed to looking at their old patterns and stories that are limiting them from experiencing ease, joy and unconditional love in their intimate relationships. I help my clients heal and take massive action in the fields of:

Self intimacy andself pleasure

Becoming aware ofold patterns that arenot serving you

Tantric practicesfor self pleasureand relationships

Becoming sensuallyradiant and magneticusing the Yoni Egg

Tools on how to bemore self loving

Overcoming bodyimage issues

Becoming moresexually expressive and empowered

Choosing how to besingle & surrenderingto being alone

Conscious un-coupling/ ending a relationshipwith love and respect

Calling in a newpartner & dating tips