Firstly, let me clarify what a Yoni is. Yoni, in the Indian Sanskrit language, means “Sacred Temple'' and refers to a woman’s vagina. In my humble opinion, this is a far more beautiful word to use compared to vagina, which literally means “sheath for a man's sword”.

A Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal that you wear inside your vagina to keep it strong, healthy and toned.

The stone acts as a weight resistance to tone the pelvic floor muscles, which helps with bladder control, lubrication, libido and postpartum recovery. By wearing a yoni egg three times a week about 30 minutes to a couple of hours a day you will notice a difference in your vaginal arousal, sensitivity, dexterity and strength.

Dating back 5000 years ago, yoni eggs are an ancient Taoist practice that the Queen and her concubines used to maintain a youthful & fertile reproductive system and a tight vagina for the King - enhancing pleasure tenfold!

Can all women wear a yoni egg?

Yes! No matter what the age, it will help whatever phase of life you’re in (my 83 grandmother wears hers after 20 years of incontinence!).

We have testimonials from women in their early 20s who used the egg consistently and were able to reach an orgasm during sex, as well as women in their 70s who say it assisted their weak bladder and prolapse. Your intention for using the egg will also have an impact on your experience.

How do I use my yoni egg?

The yoni egg practice is not complex. There are essentially three ways to wear your Yoni Egg:

1. A daily 15 minute "Yoni Egg Yoga" practice - AKA simply doing your kegels (pelvic floor exercises) in a series of exercises. 3 different exercises can be found below in this article

2. Inserting the Yoni Egg and simply walking around the house! The weight of the egg and the gravity will create resistance, meaning there will be benefits for the pelvic floor muscles even if you don’t do your kegels (squeezes). Just make sure you wear your underwear in case it falls out.

3. Sleeping with it in. Some women insert the egg and it falls straight out! This is totally normal, particularly if you’ve had children. If this is the case, start with having it in while you’re horizontal, sitting or sleeping. The muscles will begin to gain memory & familiarity with having a weight internally.

If your yoni egg pops out after using it for a very short period of time (5 minutes): cup your hands over your vulva, take a few deep breaths and ask your yoni for permission to re insert. Listen to her, whatever is your first answer is the correct answer.

Tuning into your Yoni's voice is covered in depth on the Golden Yoni Membership

How often do I wear my yoni egg?

We suggest daily or at least three times a week to experience ultimate benefits.

If you use it once a week or once a month you may not experience much change in your pelvic floor, orgasm, sensitivity etc.

What size do I use

Generally speaking, a medium size yoni egg is ideal for most women who haven't given birth. So to reduce confusion about sizes, we recommend most women to start with a medium.

However sometimes a “one-size” approach doesn’t “fit all”.

So if you have given birth or maybe you haven’t had sexual intercourse yet, it might be nice to purchase a set of three (small, medium and large), that way you can explore the different sizes and what feels right for you on any given day. For example, a medium might be too small for you to hold inside (and may keep dropping out), so you might prefer to use a large egg to begin with (the vagina has to contract less to hold it in). If you are very small internally, a virgin or have a condition like vaginismus, you may prefer to begin with a small egg, making it easier to insert and hold inside.


Using yoni eggs have loads of benefits, including:

● Increases connection with the Yoni (so many women are "cut off" from the waist down)

● Increases sensation during sex / self pleasure

● Revitalises nerve-endings in the vagina

● Improves overall life-force energy or “chi” in the body

● Boosts sexual energy levels and awakens the libido

● Helps train the vagina for childbirth and recover the muscles post-childbirth

● Increases wetness and lubrication (yes, yes, YES!)

● Helps to prevent prolapse whereby the pelvic organs collapse into the vagina due to atrophy and non-use.

● Relieves incontinence (weak bladder/accidentally peeing)

● Balances hormones by increasing blood flow to the area, which contribute to youthfulness

● Heightens orgasmic potential and able to access a variety of orgasms

● Helps to stay grounded in body and brings awareness to the yoni, womb and entire pelvic band

● Improves overall health, happiness and wellness - physically and spiritually - as the yoni egg focuses on the place in the

body with the most Chi (life force energy).


Join The Golden Yoni Membership for weekly yoni egg rituals. Here at three of my favourite yoni egg exercises, which help to build energy & juiciness.


Lie down on your back and bring your feet underneath your knees. Inhale, raise your hips up and gently squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (the feeling when you stop the flow of urine). Exhale, lower the hips down and relax the yoni muscles. Perform 15 repetitions for 3 sets.


Kneel on the floor, knees wide with your hands on your thighs. Inhale, tilt forward and open up your heart. Exhale, round back and contract your pelvic floor around the egg as you tuck the tailbone under flexing back. Continue for 2 minutes with deep breathing.


Come into a table top position, your hands stacked under your shoulders and your knees stacked under your hips. Inhale and drop the belly down, tilting the sit bones up to the sky and opening the chest. Exhale as you round the back, tucking your chin into the chest and squeeze the vaginal muscles around the egg. Put on a sexy song close your eyes and practice this for 3 minutes.Breathe deep, let out some sensual sounds & you will feel juicy and alive!


There are four things to remember when caring for your egg:

1. When you receive your egg, I suggest washing it in warm water with organic, chemical free soap, vinegar, essential oil (something like lavender or tea tree) or our beautiful Yoni egg cleanser oil. This will wash away any bacteria and sterilize the egg or wand. Be sure NOT to put the crystal under direct boiling hot water as this may force it to crack. Warm soapy water is fine to use in between uses.


We get asked a lot of questions about when to use /not use the Yoni Egg. There are some occasions to be extra careful when using the egg, for example:

● When you are pregnant. Unless you have used the yoni egg previously, it's best to err on the side of caution. If you would like to use the egg whilst pregnant, we suggest only using the egg for 15 minutes the day. Many teachers encourage women not to use the egg at all during pregnancy, however from our perspective it can only be a good thing to connect to your vagina and create more flexibility, elasticity and tone internally, especially before preparing for vaginal childbirth.

However, you don't want to be putting a lot of strain on your pelvic floor muscles / womb space (as your energy needs to be focusing on the baby) so minimising the time you use the yoni egg to bare minimum (15 mins).

● If you have an IUD mirena. In our view, it's totally OK to use the yoni egg if you have an IUD as they are designed to withstand vigorous sex, tampons, self pleasure with dildos etc. So a small, polished egg shaped stone will likely not dislodge an IUD. To be extra careful, we recommend using a non-drilled egg so the string won't get caught on the wire.

● If you are menstruating. Your moon-time is a sacred time of shedding and releasing so we recommend not using the egg during your monthly bleed. However if you feel intuitively called to use the egg, please do so for a small amount of time and only a small or medium egg (lighter in weight). During this time of the month there is downward flow of energy, so inserting a stone weight is going against the natural flow of energy, just like doing an inversion in yoga.

● During sexual intercourse. This is a deeply personal, intuitively choice for you. Personally I don't use my yoni egg during sex as I don't feel it's necessary. If you want to explore sex using a yoni egg inside, please use non-drilled to make sure the drilled hole doesn't scratch internally.

2. Regularly energetically cleanse your egg or wand. Crystals absorb energy, so it’s important to neutralise the crystal by doing one or more of the following techniques:

● Leave overnight under a full moon (even if it’s cloudy).

● Rinse or soak in salty water (ideally the ocean).

● Leave in salt crystals overnight.

● Smudge with your sage stick.

● Leave in the sunshine (not too long or it might fade).

● Wrap in cotton and bury in the earth.

3. To maximise your use out of the crystal, set your intention into the stone each time before using it. Crystals are natural entities from the earth and can be programmed with a heart felt intention. Simply close your eyes, place your crystal in your hands or against your heart, and feel into an authentic intention that rises up for you. Then detach from that intention.

4. Keep in a safe place on your alter or in your bedroom. Ideally don't keep in the bathroom or anywhere where people can pick it up and touch it. This is your sacred stone, for no one else to touch.