Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Amberlee Rose

Trained by Amy Towle (Temple of She)

Amberlee Rose

Amberlee is a Yoni Massage Practitioner & Devotee to the divine feminine. She supports women to come into a loving and sacred relationship with their bodies, sexuality and innate feminine essence.
Her passion is to guide women through the unravelling of social conditioning, old belief systems, and ancestral patterning that have kept them frozen, numb and disconnected from life.

Acting as a loving witness, she assists women to cultivate safety in the body, move through stored tension, guilt and shame and create more spaciousness for pleasure and sensitivity.

The core foundation of her work is based on developing a deep and loving relationship with the body and building the capacity to be present with their experience, emotions and sensations.

After years of experiencing bouts of numbness, disconnect and a deep contraction and unwillingness to participate in life, Amberlee has learnt to hold the parts of herself she deemed unlovable, without any agenda to fix or change.

Yoni Massage was the gateway that opened her to pleasure as a pathway to healing and liberation. Dropping her back into her body, reclaiming her power, pleasure and sacred aliveness. Opening her to the depths of herself and life.

Now her greatest love is providing a sanctuary for the fullness of the feminine to be unleashed and celebrated through devotional bodywork where profound healing is available when the body, mind and soul are met with loving presence and sensual touch.



Fremantle & South Perth, Western Australia

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Amberlee will travel to most places in New Zealand on request