Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Jenna (She Between The Sheets)

Trained by Kiki Maree at Yonilicious

Jenna (She Between The Sheets)

Jenna is a certified Sex Coach, Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practitioner & Breathwork facilitator based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  The thing she loves the most about Therapeutic Yoni Massage is seeing the incredible transformation it creates.

Jenna went from being in a sexless marriage, feeling so numb, disconnected to her body and her sexuality that it led to a divorce…. To now, lovingly accepting her body, re-sensitising her yoni, and completely opening herself up to sooo much yummy sex & pleasure. After experiencing this shift in herself, she felt the call to help other women experience the same.

Jenna shares the processes and tools she used herself with her clients.  She believes that your Yoni is the source of your power and your pleasure. When you become deeply connect to her, you will in turn become deeply connected to your intuition, creativity, and your sense of self.

Jenna’s approach with Therapeutic Yoni massage & mapping is to create a judgement free space that allows women to feel comfortable and confident to open up and share on a deep level for transformation.

Jenna takes time to get to know you before the massage, giving you the space to express your boundaries and concerns allowing your nervous system to completely relax. Like a deep exhale.

Jenna’s technique does not involve stimulation of the pleasure centres, so you are not going to become aroused throughout the massage. Rather she is teaching you as she maps out the areas of your yoni, releasing points of tension held within along the way.  This enables you to become aware of your own anatomy and allows you to connect more deeply with this beautiful intricate part of yourself.

It's impossible for clients to recall everything that happens during the session.  This is why Jenna sends a full report with details of your Yoni Mapping from the session, along with any other recommendations that will support your journey.  

All sessions are followed up with a complementary call for extra support for integrating what you’ve released & learnt during the massage.

Jenna has helped women of all ages reconnect to this sacred part of themselves leaving their sessions feeling more empowered than ever before. 



Sunshine Coast, Queensland