Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Sara White

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Sara White

Sara has dedicated over 15 years to the field of sexual wellness, starting with an 8-year career in the adult industry before transitioning into her roles as an advocate, educator, and consultant.

Her credentials include degrees in international aid and sexology, as well as multiple tantra, counselling and yoni mapping certifications - and her expertise only continues to grow, with a focus on couples therapy and deepening her knowledge in all aspects of pleasure exploration.

Sara firmly believes that deep connections ( to yourself, yoni and others ) are the key to unlocking your full potential, which is why she considers connection the "kink"  that underpins her work and her philosophy.

Sara has a sound understanding of common issues like vaginismus, dyspareunia, and vulvodynia and aims to help women who feel disconnected from their yoni or struggle to find pleasure. Sara's yoni massage treatments strike an ideal balance between practical therapy and holistic well-being.

You can experience her services at her South Perth venue, On Sacral Ground. Sara also co-facilitates Yoni massage practitioner training to help bring more educated yoni mapping therapists into the world.

For Sara, creating a safe and supportive space for all her clients is the highest priority, her sessions are carefully tailored to help you feel held, uplifted, and confident.

Yoni massages with Sara last 2.5 hours and includes a follow-up call. If you're seeking deeper exploration and discovery, Sara also offers kink discovery and intimacy talk-only sessions for individuals and couples, starting from just $90 for 50 minutes. 



South Perth