Rosie Rees is the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace and creator of Women’s Nude Yoga ‘Naked Awakening’. As a leading Sex & Relationship Coach, Rosie loves to inspire women and couples to tap into their sensuality and erotic power. Rosie lives in Perth Western Australia and loves speaking at exhibitions and conventions around the world about the power of connecting to your Yoni. Rosie created the viral stories & hashtag #sensualeating and is a loud and proud LGBTQ+ advocate on her personal Instagrams @rosie.rees and @twomumtribe


V is our wonderful Wholesale & Affiliate Manager and manages over 1000 affiliate accounts & wholesale stockists globally. As Rosie’s Personal Assistant, V is your go-to gal for any question or query and always has a way of making you feel loved and listened-to! She’s also a horse lover, rodeo cowgirl (not kidding!) and mother to her firecracker of a daughter Montana.

If you want to stock our products, email Veronica at


Mary is our Warehouse Manager. Without her dedication, this place definitely wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does! Mary handles all of our suppliers & supply requirements - locally, nationally and internationally. As
well as looking after stock and ordering, Mary makes sure all of Rosie's big ideas and creations come to life. Originally from Venezuela, Mary loves her staffy dog, the beach and outdoor adventures.

You can contact Mary at


Lahnee is our Influencer Marketing Manager. She joined our team to bring our socials to life and kick start our #SHAKETHESHAME campaign. Lahnee is a Mum and wifey, a Journalist, Sex Educator & Influencer herself. She has made a name for herself as the go-to-woman for a modern approach to sex & well-being and she has made it her mission to get down and dirty to challenge society’s views on sexuality, body image & anything else people don't like talking about.

You can contact Lahnee on


Ellie is our fabulous Store Manager here at our YPP Headquarters. Ellie is incredibly intuitive when it comes to choosing crystals for our
customers, she also ensures everything from product quality and stock control through to fulfilment,and that the picking, packing, shipping and tracking of your orders is seamless. Ellie is infamously known for her snack drawer, is one talented lady on the piano, pretty tech savvy
and often has HQ in stitches with her witty sense of humour.

You can contact Ellie at


Jade is our Marketing Manager. Writer, Creatrix, Biz Wing Woman, she’s 50%hopeless romantic, 50% wild fire sagittarian whirlwind, and can usually be found drooling over a sexy motorbike, planning a cheeky getaway, *trying * to find her zen at yoga or sipping a rosé with a sweet view. She’s the creative words behind many of our blogs, newsletters, product talk, and helps out with all things social media. She spends a lot of time over in our Golden Yoni Membership and can usually be found behind her laptop in a cafe working on bringing to life the magic ideas from Rosie’s mind!


Julieth is our Retail Assistant. You'll find her in-store at HQ lovingly packing all of your orders. She is our go to gal when it comes to organising the warehouse and brings a happy vibe & beautiful smile to everything she does. Julieth is originally from Colombia, loves to travel, pat all the dogs, enjoys fabulous food and generally just makes our days brighter - even when we are under the pump! 


Ebony is our retail assistant. You'll find her in-store at HQ running customer appointments, helping pack & ship orders as well as handling the customer service for YPP! Ebony is extremely intuitive when it comes to assisting customers with finding the right product for them. She is our go to gal for all things customer service & providing our customers with a positive & personal experience. Ebony loves to travel - you'll find her down south on the regular, go to the gym and is always up for a spicy margarita!

You can contact Ebony at