Meet Siobhan Gannon

Trained by Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy (Self Pleasure Modality), Um Dinsmore Tuli, Deborah Sundahl, Dagmar Khan (Flourish Institute) + online self-training Embodied Awakening Academy, Bonnie Bliss.

Siobhan Gannon

Siobhan teaches women how to deepen their feminine intuition with unshakeable clarity and confidence so they can love themselves and their beautiful feminine bodies. She awakens, activates and supports women who are going through transition in life to release lack and limitations and cultivate more clarity, confidence, passion, purpose, pleasure, self love and empowerment. Awakening women to the incredible power of prioritising their pleasure is so close to her own heart as she’s journeyed through many years herself in lack, survival, physical illness and burnout. She’s consciously been on her healers journey for 15 years now and has gained clarity, wisdom and unshakeable trust and faith in the process. She works a lot with women who have experienced abortion, divorce, single parenting, unconsensual sex, poor boundaries, family and intimate relationship issues, ancestral healing, inner child healing and women with fertility, period, peri/ menopause challenges. These are all challenges she’s experienced and healed within herself on her journey over the last 15 years. Siobhan is also passionate about supporting women in business to access their souls purpose and mission and live a divinely prosperous life. She loves to combine the healing and manifestation magic of the Akashic Soul records with Self Pleasure practice and is currently writing her first book and publishing her first oracle deck for empowering women in all areas of their lives. 



Siobhan is based in Ireland.