Can Are you a woman struggling to ask out other women? Have you found yourself wondering: How do I make a move? Is she into me? What if she assumes I'm straight? Does she think I'm just being friendly?

If you need help finding confidence in your dating game, I am here for you! Before we dive into how women can ask out other women, remember that there are no rules here. Get out there, be kind to yourself and others, show yourself grace, and be willing to see every opportunity as a chance to learn more about yourself and grow. And have fun with it!

How Do I Know If Another Woman Is Into Me?

There is no doubt that figuring out another woman's sexual orientation is one of the most difficult aspects of dating. You may find yourself focused on a lovely woman but not sure where to go from there.

When trying to figure out if another woman is into you, it helps to pay close attention to body language and the setting and ask yourself questions like these:

  • Are we laughing together?

  • Are we sharing a lot of eye contact?

  • Is she leaning closer to me when we talk?

  • Is she smiling at me a lot?

  • Are we at a gay bar?

  • Did she come with someone or is she alone or with a group of friends?

  • What kind of environment is it?

  • Does it feel like she is flirting back?

  • Is there chemistry?

  • Has she given me subtle physical contact such as a touch to the knee or shoulder?

  • If I've casually touched her knee, how did she respond?

  • Is conversation flowing easily?

Beyond paying attention to body language and surroundings, the next easiest way to find out if another woman is into you is by talking to her.

Consider asking simple yet direct questions such as:

  • Are you here with your boyfriend?

  • What brings you here?

  • Have you been here before?

  • What do you do for a living?

  • What are your favourite hobbies?

To be even more direct, you can bring up an LGBT topic such as an upcoming pride event in your town. Her reaction should tell you a lot.

How Do I Show Another Woman I Am Interested?

If you sense a connection with another woman and want to let her know you are into her, try giving clear signals that you are feeling her. Some options include:

  • Make plenty of eye contact

  • Use subtle touches such as a soft touch to the shoulder, resting your hand briefly on her knee, or briefly touching the back of her hand

  • Take a genuine interest in her responses to any questions you ask

  • Be honest in responding to any questions she asks you

  • Smile

How Do I Ask Another Woman Out?

If you sense chemistry, it may be tempting to hope that she will ask you out, but putting yourself out there can be a big boost of confidence.

If you are sensing a connection, there is no need to be formal when asking her out. Keep it simple and make it clear that you would like to hang out with her again by saying something like:

  • I had a great time with you and I'd love the chance to see you again

  • Can I get your phone number so we can meet up again?

  • I'd love to hang out with you again sometime

Even if your attempt doesn't work out, be proud of yourself for trying and know that someday it will absolutely work out.

Wanna Make A Physical Move? Try Small Steps


If you want to take the leap and make a physical move, try it in small steps. If you feel like a woman is flirting back with you and making eye contact with you or giving you subtle physical touches, it may leave you wanting to initiate a move.

You may want to try telling her you think she's great and would love to see her again before kissing her on the cheek. If she receives the kiss well, linger close and see where things go from there! You can always be extra bold and go for a kiss on the lips.

If she kisses back, great! Either way, assure her you would still like to stay in touch and that you enjoy her company. Don't let the fear of rejection stop you from making your feelings clear.

It is normal and okay to hear 'no' as you explore the world of dating. The more you get out there and ask, the better chance of you have of finding an amazing partner.

Take Out Some of the Guesswork

If you are newly out or super nervous, it may be easiest to check out a lesbian social event or gay bar. These settings guarantee you will be around other women that also love women. Online dating is another great option if you are too nervous to get out in the dating scene just yet.

Don't Feel Pressured To Rush Things

So often, wonderful relationships start out as great friendships. So if you want to take your time getting to know her better to see if you have a great connection, that is totally fine too!

Show Yourself Grace

Dating can be confusing, stressful, overwhelming, and just plain hard! But keep trying and showing yourself plenty of grace and kindness in the process. With each experience, you are learning, growing, and getting closer to finding a partner that is a great match for you.

Ready To Ask Another Woman Out?

Wherever you are in the process of getting out there and asking another woman out, I am proud of you! I am always here for support or advice and welcome comments and questions.


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