Sex can be a great time for creative, intimate, mind-blowing sex! Are your craving fun, comfortable, enjoyable sex positions to try while pregnant? We've got you covered! Read on to learn the best sex positions during pregnancy and how to try each position.

Sex and Pregnancy - Some Important Notes

Before we get into the best sex positions during pregnancy, remember that sexual desire differs for every women during pregnancy.

Early on nausea and fatigue may steal some of your desire or later in pregnancy you may be struggling with back pain or general discomfort. One day you want nothing to do with sex and the next day you could be insatiable.

Every woman is different, every stage of pregnancy is different, and even pregnancies will differ from each other. So treat yourself with grace, understanding, and self-love -- all great things to do whether you are pregnant or not.

Regardless of where you are at in your pregnancy or how you are feeling, there are a variety of safe, comfortable sex positions to enjoy during your pregnancy. Many of these sex positions also require minimal effort on your part and make great options for days you are feeling fatigued.

Tips and recommendations for sex while pregnant:

  • Sex is considered perfectly safe for the majority of pregnancy women, but always follow your physician's recommendations and talk to your doctor if any concerns arise

  • It is recommended that women past 20 weeks of pregnancy do not lie on their backs too long

  • Warm up properly and use lube if desired

  • If you have never tried anal, it is still okay to try now, but be sure to be extra warmed up, takes things very slow, and use a liberal amount of lube

10 of the Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Now that we've covered some of the basics of sex during pregnancy, let's explore these fun, comfortable sex positions to try while pregnant.

1. The Tight Squeeze

How to do the tight squeeze - Have your partner lie on their back, bend their knees, and prop themselves up with their forearms. Lower yourself onto your partner while leaning back on your arm, using your feet to help you balance and thrust.

Why it's great - This positions puts you in full control of the rhythm, pressure, and depth of penetration. Because you are relying on your legs and arms to thrust, your abs (or lack thereof) get a nice break.

2. The Sexy Spoon

How to do the sexy spoon - To do this position, both you and your partner lie on your sides. Have your partner penetrate you from behind.


Why it's great - The sexy spoon position is popular during all trimesters as it alleviates belly pressure, keeps you off your back, and allows for free hands -- either your own or your partner's - for stimulation your clitoris.

3. The Close-Up

How to do the close up - Lie on your side and raise your top leg slightly. Have your partner lie next to you on their side and cradle you while penetrating from behind. Have your partner hold your thigh and raise it higher to allow for deeper penetration.

Why it's great - This subtle variation of the sexy spoon lets your partner penetrate deeper if you desire.

4. The Goddess

How to do the goddess - Have your partner sit with their legs crossed. Lower yourself onto your partner, placing your arms around their neck and your legs on either side of theirs. Have your partner place their arms around your waist to embrace you.

Why it's great- This position -- similar to cowgirl -- puts you in complete control of the depth of penetration and the pace to ensure you are comfortable. During your third trimester, have your partner support your belly in your hands if it makes you more comfortable.

5. Rise and Shine

How to do the rise and shine - Have your partner lie on their back with their knees bent and apart and head hanging off the edge of the bed. Stand on the floor facing them and stretch your arms over your partner to allow you to rest your fingers on their torso. This puts you in a great position for your partner to perform oral sex on you. Your partner can hold on to your torso or thighs to pull you closer.

Why it's great - If penetration does not appeal to you at the moment or if you just need a great warm up, having your partner pleasure you with oral can be a hot option. This position allows you to stay off your back and puts you in the perfect position for pleasure.

6. The Cross

How to do the cross - Have your partner lie on his side. Lie on your back perpendicular to him and drape your legs over his waist to allow him to penetrate you.

Why it's great - This position is great as it requires little effort from either you or your partner. Keep in mind you should not lie on your back in this position for too long if you are past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

7. Reverse Cowgirl

How to do reverse cowgirl - Have your partner sit on an armless chair. Face away from your partner, lower yourself onto him to straddle him, and lean forward to balance on his knees.

Why it's great Being on top puts you in full control and allows for plenty of space for your belly as you move.

8. Mission Impossible

How to do it - Face a wall or hold onto a chair and have your partner penetrate you from behind. Rotate your hips up and down to control the level of penetration.

Why it's great - This position keeps pressure off your belly and keeps your partner's hands free for clitoral stimulation or to support your belly is desired.

9. The Throne

How to do the throne - Have your partner sit down before lowering yourself onto them with your legs closed.

Why it's great - Closing your legs tights the entrance to your vagina and allows for loads of pressure even with shallower penetration. Your partner also has free hands to help support you as you move or to stimulate your clit and other pleasure zones.

10. Thigh Master

How to do the thigh master - Have your partner sit back while you get on top of them. Angle yourself so that you are rubbing against their thighs.

Why it's great - If you love doggy style but aren't quite up for such deep penetration or for the position itself, this offers a similar angle of penetration while you are in full control.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps add some creativity, fun, and comfort to your pregnancy sex life. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


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April 08, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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