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Do you want to take your orgasms to the next level? Have you spent your entire life trying to reach orgasm but haven’t yet? Do you want to learn to completely love and accept your body as it is?

What Is Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy is a healing, powerful, tantric practice involving the whole body, breast, and (if boundaries permit) vaginal massage. It is a beautiful, healing and pleasurable way of sensually exploring and connecting with your body as well as receiving touch and connection from another person, without needing to give anything back in return.

What Are The Benefits of Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Pleasure!
  • Feeling more comfortable in your skin
  • Creating positivity around sexual exploration
  • May help in dealing with emotional blockages from past sexual trauma
  • A way to connect with yourself without the pressure of having to ‘perform’ for someone

Who Is Yoni Massage And Mapping Therapy Best For?

Yoni massage and mapping therapy is a wonderful practice for anyone who:

  • Has never achieved an orgasm
  • Wants to connect with themselves
  • Wants to achieve multiple orgasms
  • Has suffered from sexual trauma in their past and wants to work toward healing
  • Wants to learn techniques that focus on honouring, worshipping, cherishing, and loving the yoni

Is An Orgasm The Goal of Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy can be extremely pleasurable, and arousing, and lead to orgasm (or even several). However, orgasm is more of a bonus to this practice, not the primary goal.

If you climax or have multiple orgasms, that is wonderful! But the foundation of Yoni massage is more emotional rather than sexual.

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Whilst we do ensure the Therapists and Bodyworkers listed on the directory are well-liked, trained, professional and experienced... there are pitfalls of choosing a Yoni Practitioner without doing your research before booking.

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Become trained in Yoni Massage + Mapping Therapy and/or Sexological Bodywork!

The Institute of Somatic Sexology

World Leaders in quality somatic education, training Certified Sexological Bodyworkers since 2010.

The Fembodiment™ Institute 

Jenni Mears is globally revolutionising the concept of authentic female embodiment, holistic sex (r)education, and pelvic care.

Amy Towle (she/her)

Founder of Temple of She, Global Gold Standard Yoni Massage Practitioner training

Kiki Maree (she/her)

Director of the Yonilicious Academy of Sexuality & Certified Training Provider of the internationally accredited courses Therapeutic Yoni Massage & Somatic Sex Coaching. 

Featured Yoni Massage + Mapping Therapists and/or Sexological Bodyworkers!

Laura Elizabeth

Laura creates intimate experiences for conscious women and couples who are ready to step into a deeper layer of magic to embrace and embody their sensuality, reclaim their voices and own their power!


South Perth, WA

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