Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Kimberley Vita Rose

Trained by The Institute of Somatic Sex Education

Kimberley Vita Rose

Kimberley is a midwife come Sexological Bodyworker/Somatic Sex Practitioner based in Armidale, New England NSW.

As a mother of 4 children she recognises the value of deepening our connection to our sexual selves and the flow on effect it has in our lives and to the people around us.

Kimberley crafts her sessions, monthly circles and workshops in 'The Rose Studio' Armidale. Set on picturesq acerage on the edge of town the studio offers privacy and a freedom to express yourself wildly.

Kimberley's passion for working with the body, the felt sense and sexuality has grown from her own life changing experiences in this field. As someone in her first marriage who would lie back and 'due her duties' she soon learnt how numb, disconnected and resentful that would leave her.

Through this experience she has learnt and now teaches other women how to identify what they want to receive, how to ask for it, to be strong in your no and experience pleasure like never before.

Having worked as a midwife, Kimberley also understands the parallels of sex and birth. Through her own free births she has embodied a knowledge of trust in and power of the body.

Kimberley also works with women during pregnancy to provide an embodied experience of consent and application of boundaries so women can reclaim their power and get the birth they desire.

Some of the benefits you will notice when working with Kimberley...

- increased confidence within yourself

- improved body image

- less people pleasing, healthier boundaries

- increased sensation in the body & improved body awareness

- healthier emotional regulation

- stronger intuition

- stepping into your power as a woman

- a softening & slowing down

- more presence with life and those around you

Somatic Sex Education/Sexological Bodywork Sessions

$200 for 3 x 90 minute sessions $550 (save $50)

$400 for 3 hour Yoni Mapping Session



Armidale (New England) New South Wales

*Kimberley can provide overnight accomodation in her studio for those clients travelling long distances for a session.

​**with this option she can offer a package with 2 consecutive sessions over the two days.