How to Choose a Yoni Massage Practitioner

While we take great care to ensure that the therapists listed on our directory are well-liked, trained, professional, and experienced, it's important to be aware of the potential pitfalls of choosing a Yoni practitioner without doing your research beforehand.

Occasionally, you might have a negative experience that triggers your trauma or leaves you feeling disempowered, violated, or energetically unbalanced. However, it's essential to note that this doesn't necessarily mean the practitioner is at fault; they may simply not be the right fit for you.

There are various reasons why a Yoni massage session may not be safely facilitated due to the practitioner, and we will discuss what to look for in this regard on this page.

As a client, it's important to recognize your responsibility to conduct due diligence when selecting a practitioner to work with. By doing thorough research and vetting potential practitioners, you can greatly reduce the chances of having a damaging or disappointing experience and ensure they are the right fit for you.

Please keep in mind that Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapy and Sexological Bodywork are unlike any other massage modalities. During a session, the therapist/bodyworker will be addressing your most vulnerable and intimate body parts, emotionally charged memories, triggering traumas, and deeply ingrained beliefs surrounding delicate topics. Therefore, we encourage you to embrace radical self-responsibility and approach the selection process with curiosity and caution.

Listening to your intuition about a practitioner is crucial, and it's equally important to support your intuition with thorough research. Understanding the unique nature of this healing session, emotional maturity is key. This entails possessing clear communication skills, the ability to advocate for yourself, assert personal boundaries, and a clear understanding of your objectives for this experience.

To help you make a safe choice and ensure you're in good hands for this profound work, we have compiled a list of key considerations and screening criteria for selecting a Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapist or Sexological Bodyworker. This way, you can have confidence in your decision and feel secure throughout this special journey of healing.


How much experience do they have? See if you can ascertain how long they’ve been qualified and roughly how many clients they’ve worked with?

What training and qualifications do they have? Research the lineage of work they’ve entered the field via, who they trained with and what was involved. (You can find out who each person has been trained by through clicking on the bio as it is listed above their name.)

Read up on the philosophy and approach of the individual practitioner as well as the organisation or person they learnt from to make sure it aligns with you and your unique needs.

Are they trauma-informed? Have they got enough experience and training to hold space and facilitate you safely if trauma responses come up and when you are at your most vulnerable. Can you feel completely safe with them?

What can you learn about them from their website and social media presence? Check out their content, videos, blog posts, and see how they show up and whether it resonates with you. Do you like what they’re about? What feeling do you get when you read their website or posts? Do they feel trustworthy and confident in their skills as a practitioner to you?

How long are their sessions? Knowing the nature of this work, we suggest that sessions be a minimum of 3 hours long. These sessions can go as long as 7-8 hours sometimes, depending on the practitioner and the needs of the client.

Do they include full body massage prior to any potential work with your Yoni? This is another essential part of easing you into the touch of your Yoni and allowing your body and nervous system to drop into a state of surrender and calm.

Honouring the whole body first and focusing on cultivating relaxation and trust before approaching the Yoni is paramount to this work. A good practitioner understands this and won't rush or skip ahead to the Yoni work.

Have they got testimonials and reviews on their website or business profile? Can you find convincing evidence of real people who have worked with the practitioner and speak about the experience positively? Photos and names under testimonials are great as they’re harder to fake, and video testimonials are even better!

Use your discretion to gather valuable information about the practitioner based on what their clients are saying and whether this feels like it’d be a good fit for you.

Do you feel like there are very clear, safe boundaries in place and a purely professional relationship with the practitioner?

Does your practitioner discuss things like safety, boundaries, and consent? These are musts before any touch is introduced in a session and no practitioner worth their salt will leave these conversations out.

Do they have a detailed intake form and consent form that their clients sign before a session commences. This is to help you, as the client, to feel comfortable and confident in a practitioners ability to hold a safe space for you, as well as their professionalism.

If in doubt, all the Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapists and Sexological Bodyworkers listed on our directory will be happy to have a call with you where you can ask any questions or voice any fears. On these calls you can also find out details that might help you feel more comfortable or make a decision such as: Do they wear gloves? What sort of oil do they use? What do you need to know or do to prepare before a session? Where did they study?

Remember that you’re screening practitioners to find someone who you can trust and invest your hard-earned money in.

If you don’t completely resonate and feel comfortable with someone, don’t feel pressured or obliged to work with them just because you’ve enquired.

You are responsible for yourself and who you allow into this vulnerable and sensitive space with you – be a solid gatekeeper for your yoni and make sure you protect yourself and your body as best you can by making these enquiries before booking!

Important Tips For You To Remember When Having A Session:

Remember that a therapeutic Yoni massage or sexological bodywork session isn’t a happy ending or sexual massage. If the practitioner is being inappropriate, flirting, making you uncomfortable or offering ‘extra services’, this isn’t okay and you have every right to terminate the session immediately.

Yoni massage and sexological bodywork sessions with professionals who are in their integrity do not ask for or allow two-way touch. These sessions are purely for the therapist to touch you (appropriately) and NOT for you to touch them. If at any point you feel unsure, confused or uncomfortable with what your practitioner is asking you to do, stop the session.

Safe, clean and professional spaces only! If you don’t feel comfortable in the practitioner’s space for any reason once you arrive (maybe it’s not clean or is too noisy/not private enough, difficult to relax and be present) that’s going to hinder your experience so feel free to change your mind and leave. If anyone else enters the room or the practitioner is suggesting another person be involved in the session, say no and leave.

Remember that at ANY point during a session, no matter what, you are able to stop, pause or leave the session. If you don’t feel safe, if you’re feeling triggered and unsure of a practitioner and how they’re behaving, if for any reason you need to call it off suddenly, you are within your rights to do so and no professional practitioner will take this personally or have an issue with this.

The main priority Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapists and Sexological Bodyworkers have is YOUR wellbeing and a good practitioner will make sure you always feel safe to stop or leave if you need to.

As part of our integrity, it would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention these things. If you follow this screening process and do your research, you will have a marvellous, transformative experience!

Please don’t let fear inhibit you from experiencing the incredible benefits you can get from Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapy and Sexological Bodywork. It really is a very special and unique tool for healing and growth.

This article was authored by Freya Graf and has been adapted here with her permission. (Say thank you to Freya!)