Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Nicole Aly

Trained by Amy Towle, Temple of She

Nicole Aly

Through the sensual touch of Yoni Massage, Nicole guides you home to your body, to your heart and your love from within. Holding intimate space for you to simply receive, without expectation, explore your sensuality, move through blockages, and repressed emotions and re-connect with your authentic self.

Nicole is a Yoni Massage Therapist and mother of 3 on beautiful Phillip Island. Having spent most of her adult life feeling disconnected and disempowered, Nicole is passionate about the potency of Yoni Massage and womb healing, believing it is the birthright of every woman to be connected to her pleasure and power.

Yoni Massage works on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Creating new blood flow, regenerating tissue, and bringing new life to areas numb and disconnected. Breath, sound and movement is the key to shifting stagnant energy, working through stories, limiting beliefs, shame and guilt, and allowing what needs to come to the surface to be released and healed.

Our womb space is so incredibly powerful when we work through energetic blockages, we open the gateway to this powerhouse and our potential to create and manifest the life of our desires.

Nicole offers Yoni Massage, Yoni Steaming, Closing Of The Bones and individually tailored programs interwoven with spiritual practises designed to dive deeper into subconscious release and womb healing.

What to expect in a Yoni Massage session

  • We will start with a discussion, exploring any intention you may like to bring in.
  • Some breathing and grounding practices.
  • Letting go ceremony.
  • We then begin with a relaxing, full body massage, including breast and bottom, taking time for you to fully sink into your body.
  • External and internal Yoni Massage will proceed only with your full-bodied consent.
  • Calling in Ceremony
  • Integration time and tea
  • Allow 3.5 hours for our session.
  • I recommend allowing yourself plenty of time on either side of your session to soak in this sacred practice.
  • A 30-minute follow-up via Zoom within 2 weeks of your session.


“I am so grateful for the Yoni Massage with Nicole. She had such a unique and beautiful ‘Earth Mother’ energy. I felt seen without judgement and was touched and rocked with a loving presence. It was like I could hand over any piece of myself that I didn’t like and she would meet that with love and honouring. I could feel parts of my body that had been numb and frozen starting to melt and open to sensation again. At times I felt wrapped in the womb, completely encapsulated by this motherly love and I truly felt as though my whole self was being worshipped, thank you, magical woman.”



Phillip Island, Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria