Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Salayeh Self

Trained by murdoch University counsellor and creative arts Therapist; edith cowan University social worker, Sanctuary of anununda diploma in Tantra; Integrative Sexand Couples Certification Training Tammy Nelson, Ph.D.(in training)Transformation Academy: coaching, kink healing Certificate: relate sexology, sexual abuse in men training (AASW)Anti-Slavery Certificate, Sydney University, Treating Trauma master Series, Nicabm; relationship institute Australia; Gottman method Couples Therapy and the Gottman Process-Focused Approach. Inner-child practitioner.

Salayeh Self

Salayeh aims to teach women to love and accept themselves and embody pleasure and intimacy by breaking free from their self-contained prison of fear. She offers online and in-person coaching, workshops, and counseling to dismantle shame and heal trauma in various crucial areas such as sexuality, relationships, trauma, spirituality, self-worth, and addiction. By unraveling guilt and shame, she creates a space for growth, self-acceptance, and a joyful, fulfilling life. She fearlessly dives into the depths of these topics to bring about lasting change and embark on a transformative self-discovery journey towards authenticity, personal power, and positive relationships with ourselves and others.



Vulvalicious 3-day workshop (GROUP) $777pp

Yoni mapping, massage and de-armouring - reach out privately.

sexual trauma/healing counselling first session $150 90 mins then 1 hour $150 afterwards 

couples' sexual health counselling $200 per 90 mins 

4-week womb healing/ manifesting and jade-egg practice 90 mins each week $600

6-week foundations of Tantra, AnMo massage and jade egg practices, shiva/shakti worship, teachings, mini personal blueprint, how to reach higher orgasmic levels and more $1600  hours 3 hours each week  (workbook incl)  

AnMo Tantric Massage $250 with  breathing and philosophy 90 mins

Reiki session and mini personal blueprint for what you have come here to learn overcome and offer  $180 90 mins 

6-week inner / outer child /parental healing program $900 90-120 mins each week. 


South Perth, Western Australia

United Kingdom