Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Alyssa Smith

Trained by Amy Towle Temple of She

Alyssa Smith

Alyssa is a holistic health practitioner specialising in women’s health and well-being. Yoni Massage is a sacred and spiritual experience that allows women the space to be held as they somatically tap into their emotions, release trauma and blockages, explore their sensuality and sexuality, and reconnect with themselves in ways often long forgotten. These sessions may include yoni mapping and de-armouring. Packages and individual sessions are also available for Lomi Lomi Massage, Reiki, Closing of the Bones rituals, Prana Yoga and Journey Method for deep emotional release, cellular healing and shadow work. Private Day Retreats for intensive healing are a wonderful way to dive into intentional self-nourishment. All sessions are designed to allow women to unfurl, soften, get curious, explore, to discover new parts of themselves in a safe and nurturing space, being held and honoured with compassion and devotion. 

Yoni massage is a sacred bodywork in deep devotion and honour to women and vulva owners. It is an external and internal massage (with full consent) that allows conscious connection with your body, releases emotional blocks, relieves pain and trauma, heightens sensual senses, and awakens new depths of sexuality in a safe, nurturing, compassionate and sacred space.

$488 – 3.5 hours including a 30-minute debrief session via Zoom within two weeks of the massage

$666 – Deluxe Yoni Massage includes Closing of the Bones ritual and Reiki.


Bondi (Sydney), New South Wales every Saturday (By Appointment Only)

Katoomba / Blue Mountains, New South Wales every Saturday (By Appointment Only)

Melbourne, Victoria
Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th July - 2 spots available!

Mid October - early November - all dates currently open.