Have you ever experienced a mysterious gush of fluid expelled during sex, oral or self pleasure leaving a puddle on your bed? Yep, that's squirt and no it's not pee!

We at Yoni Pleasure Palace believe every vagina-owner is capable of squirting - it's just a matter of waking up this mysterious erogenous zone with physical touch and knowing the down-low on the best tools, methods and best practices.

Dr. Ernst Grafenberg identified the G-spot in 1950 in his paper “The Role of the Urethra in the Female Orgasm" and found that when touched it would drive a woman “wild”! It’s now been discovered that it’s not necessarily a "spot", but rather an “erotic zone” or a patch of erectile tissue extending from the clitoris legs & bulbs and urethral sponge. For a juicy deep dive into squirting, sign up for Rosie Rees' online course Squirt School which teaches you exactly how you and/or you and your partner can experience squirting in the bedroom.


SIDE NOTE: Personally we don’t like the idea that a) a part of the female genitalia is named after a male and b) it’s inaccurate that it’s labeled as a specific ‘spot’. So we would love to re-define the G-Spot as the Goddess Zone, or G-Zone.

Here is a step-by-step guide to stimulating your G-Zone using the Sacred Squirter glass pleasure wand.

  1. Turn yourself on. Before inserting your dildo or finger, allow yourself to turn yourself on by creating a self pleasure ritual. Have a warm bath or sensual shower, lay down your Squirt Blanket, massage your breasts with your favourite oil, connect with your belly and vulva and stimulate your clitoris with fingers or a vibrator. Breathe keeping into your belly and relax the muscles in your abdomen and pelvic floor (follow Rosie's hashtag #stopsuckingitin for ultimate inspiration on this movement!).

  2. Use your fingers to locate your G-Zone. It’s important that you know exactly where it is. With clean hands and trimmed fingernails, gently and slowly insert your fingers 1-3cm inside the vagina and on the upper anterior wall. It should feel like a slightly rough, corrugated texture - similar to the roof of your mouth. When you press on this spot it may feel like a compression against your bladder. The zone expands and engorges when you become aroused.

  3. Do the come hither motion with clitoral stimulation. New research shows how the clitoral erectile tissue extends down into the labia and wraps around the urethra and vestibule (vaginal entrance). Massaging both the clitoris as well as using one or two fingers inside the finger will engorge the G-spot, helping you to squirt ejaculate - a mysterious clear liquid that is released when the Skenes glands (either side of the Urethra) are stimulated. See the diagram below for an in-depth anatomy.

  4. Using the Sacred Squirter™ If you’re struggling to reach your g-zone using your fingers (I feel your pain - my fingers are tiny), The Sacred Squirter™ is our best sex toy for g-zone stimulation. It has a curled handle so you can hold onto it and guide it inside at your desired depth and pace. It is thick and curved with ridges and studs on the top to help pleasure the G-spot, so ensure you are ready to receive penetration as it may feel uncomfortable if you're not ready.

  5. Slow down and edge yourself. When using the wand, it's really about slowing everything down and bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm. If you use it fast and vigorously, it could actually feel incredibly uncomfortable.

    Take deep breaths, use lots of lube, slowly massage your clitoral network (see the graphic below for the full clitoral anatomy) with your opposite hand and slide the squirter inside the vagina in slow motion. Slow down so much that you can feel every single bump and ridge on the glass dildo. This is a practice of total presence and awareness. As you get more turned on you can pick up the pace, but make sure you start slow and gentle.

    Be aware that you may or may not have a clitoral orgasm. Every vagina-owner is different and some people need a few clit-gasms before squirting, and others notice they need to edge themselves (not climax) before squirting. 

  6. Let it rain, let it pour. If you really want to release squirt, the key when you are pulling out the wand from your vagina. When you pull out the wand it creates space for the fluid to be released! For peace of mind, make sure you have one of waterproof Squirt Blankets beneath you so you feel comfortable to fully let go, knowing you're not going to ruin a couch, bedding or mattress. 

  7. Replenish, rehydrate and relax. After squirting or having a g-zone orgasm, take three deep breaths as if you are drinking up the orgasmic energy and absorbing it into your cells. This is your life force energy! Imagine you're pulling up the energy in your body and spreading it throughout every limb, muscle and bone. Also remember to drink lots of water after squirting as you can lose a lot of fluid. It's a beautiful practice to cup your Yoni after the practice and let her feel held and worshipped. 

  8. Yoni Egg Hot Tip: If you find that using the Sacred Squirter™ is not making you a gushing goddess (yet) we highly recommend using a Yoni Egg to awaken the muscles and nerve endings within the vagina. Rosie Rees intimately shares in virtually every guest podcast on the internet (there's hundreds, just google her name) her story about using the Yoni Egg made her pussy "woke" and how she started squirting. For guidance, join the Golden Yoni Membership and do her 7 Day Yoni Egg Challenge or if you're up for it her 7 Week Chakra Yoni Egg Challenge. 

So whether you’re using your own fingers, your partner’s fingers or using the Sacred Squirter, make sure you stay extra hydrated, lay down lots of towels or invest in a Squirt Blanket, and let yourself relax enough to release. 

Happy Squirting friends!



Photo credit: @elaysariemis


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October 22, 2019 — Rosie Rees

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