Inserting an egg-shaped stone into your vajayjay may not be your standard everyday ritual that you’re used to doing – like brushing your teeth, washing your hair or shaving your legs. So it’s important for me, as a leading practitioner in this field to bust some myths, demystify any fears and share my own personal experiences with you.

So if you’re a beginner, here are 8 MUST READ tips on how to use your yoni egg, what to do/not do, and other tricks to get the most out of your yoni egg practice.

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1. Don’t boil your egg.

Crystal yoni eggs are not to be boiled as they may crack under pressure or ruin their crystalline structure and integrity.

Despite what some practitioners share, we suggest washing your Yoni Eggs in warm water with a dash of apple cider vinegar, lavender oil or a gentle organic soap wash (nothing too harsh).

The only stone that can whithstand boiling hot water is Nephrite Jade and even still, I don’t encourage you to boil this stone despite its density.

And whatever you do, do not insert a hot egg into your vagina. Wait for it to cool down.

2. Your egg can’t get lost!

The yoni egg practice is meant to be a gentle, self-loving practice – not a nerve wracking, fear-infusing exercise worrying: “Eeek will this thing get stuck or ever come out!?”.

Firstly, it cannot get “stuck”.

Sure it can stay up there for a while, but it can’t get stuck and lodged there forever! (So don’t worry – no trips to emergency are necessary).

And secondly, it will always come out.

Anatomically, inside the vagina we have the cervix as a gateway to our uterus, meaning nothing can go beyond the cervix.

We always recommend beginners using a drilled egg to start with along with our un-waxed, un-minted floss to thread through the drilled hole for removal.

If you’re paranoid, string your yoni egg twice with double the amount of floss. To retrieve it, simply squat down in the shower, pull on the string and the egg will come out.

Sometimes a little bit of wee, ejaculate (amrita) or creamy vaginal discharge may even come out – this is normal. And it may depend on the time of your cycle.

Ask anything like this in our group Yoni Pleasure Palace.

3. How to retrieve your un-drilled egg

If you have an un-drilled egg or if the string breaks on your drilled egg, don’t panic! What goes in will always come out.

Here are some helpful (and fun!) options to retrieve your egg:

  • Squat down and insert your finger to get it out. It may take a little while to reach it and draw it out but it’s entirely possible!

  • Go to the toilet and bare down like you are going to do a wee or a poo. Catch it! If it falls out, don’t flush the toilet otherwise it will be gone forever… get a glove and retrieve it. Keep in warm water with apple cider for 10 mins to clean.

  • Squat down, bear down and cough.

  • Get your partner to get a finger inside you and scoop it out.

  • Get your best friend to come over and insert a finger to scoop it out.

  • Get your neighbour to come over and insert a finger to scoop it out (just kidding!)


4. It’s normal not to feel the egg!

Imagine if you were to feel a tampon inside you all the time? It would get uncomfortable after a while!

The 70gram polished egg is no different, despite it being a bit heavier.

A lot of women expect fire works once they insert the egg, which is not aways the case (but also not always not the case).

It’s normal to insert the egg and not feel a single thing.


Because most women are quite numb internally due to a multitude of factors:

  • Lack of vaginal nerve endings (wearing the yoni egg helps create this!)

  • Sexual trauma stored in the cells

  • Operations have caused scar tissue

  • Not doing your kegel muscle training (pelvic floor exercises)

  • Post childbirth trauma

Some women, on the other hand feel A LOT!! So much so they need to take it out after 10 minutes. Everyone is so different – so listen to your vaginal voice.

5. How long to leave it in for

I would actually start off by saying only leave it in for 15 – 30 minutes to begin with.

It’s not the end of the world if it stays in for longer (an hour or so), but it’s also not great to leave it inside too long (over 6 hours) as it may cause the muscles to tire.

Imagine going to the gym for 6 hours, you would be EXHAUSTED!!

I offer two options for women:

  1. Pop it in and do a dedicated kegel pelvic floor exercise “Yoni Egg Yoga” workout. I have three exercises in my brochure when you buy one of our products.

  2. Pop it in and walk around the house for 15 minutes and see how it feels. The weight and the gravity will create a resistance, meaning that the muscles are still actively working to hold the egg inside. Note – wear your knickers! Even if you’re not consciously engaging your pelvic floor muscles – they are still working. I know this because after wearing the egg for a few hours and NOT doing my kegels, I still felt tired down there.

6. I’m pregnant. Can I use it?

I encourage women to not wear the yoni egg during pregnancy unless they have worn it consistently beforepregnancy. Also consult your GP if you have any questions about this.

I am noticing that when a woman gets pregnant, all of a sudden she wants to work on their pelvic floor (for obvious reasons!). And it’s not too late to do so, however it’s much better to start your pelvic floor practice NOW before getting pregnant.

If you are reading this and you are pregnant, I recommend just doing your pelvic floor exercises (squeeze, release) without an egg weight inside you as it might be too intense with a weight.

Unless you get a loud and clear YES from your vagina, I would encourage you to wait to use your Yoni Egg after childbirth or C-Section. And wait 6 weeks to use it internally.

When you’re pregnant, it’s best to not introduce new practices and you don’t want to risk too much weight or energy in your vagina or womb during pregnancy.

7. Do I constantly squeeze to hold it in?  

The short answer is no. You don’t have to squeeze constantly to keep the egg inside your vagina.

Just like wearing a tampon, your vagina holds the egg inside naturally without needing constant contraction.

If you have given birth and the egg pops out every time you stand up (gravity will do this!), start with lying down with it inside or sitting and doing some kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises).

Some women also like to sleep with the egg inside, which can be either very relaxing or very stimulating depending on which crystal you use.

I personally cannot sleep with my Yoni Egg inside me as it’s very activating for my nervous system (think: “yoni reflexology”!)


8. What crystal do I use?

We always recommend beginning with the Nephrite Jade egg. This stone is the most dense, strong, non-porous & semi-precious gemstone to use for the vagina. It’s healing and virtually unbreakable! It’s also what the women in China used thousands of years ago, making it the traditionally used stone.

Despite me suggesting this, women will usually go with their gut and choose a crystal intuitively.

You can also check out the different properties of our crystals here.

We only stock crystals that are SAFE to use internally (not all crystals can be used internally – refer here). A lot of crystals have imperfections so we have a thorough inspection process that we go through before sending out a yoni egg to a customer. If there are any cracks or fissures, please feel free to send back to us (in case we missed it).

Using a yoni egg is a powerful initiation into womanhood and feminine sexual empowerment. Just start by using it a couple times a week (consistently) and you will begin to notice more sensitivity, rejuvenation, juiciness, sensitivity and strength. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! We ship globally and offer highly discrete packaging. 😉



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August 03, 2018 — Rosie Rees

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