Masturbation May Part Five uncovers your masturbation tool kit!

In this week's instalment of Masturbation May, I want to share the five things I believe should be in every vulva owner’s top drawer to support them in their self-exploration and pleasure practice. I’ve said it every week, but the climax isn’t the goal; masturbation is about pleasure, discovering what you like and don’t.


Yoni Egg

It may seem a little unconventional for your masturbation tool kit, and this falls into the self-exploration category. The Yoni Egg started my whole sexual empowerment journey and led me to bring Yoni Pleasure Palace to life. When I began my yoni egg practice, I experienced sexual healing, increased sensation, and more. There is something extraordinary about using a crystal yoni egg on this journey, and inside The Golden Yoni Membership, there is a whole module that takes you through Yoni Egg use and my story with it.


Glass or Crystal Dildo

In the Yoni Pleasure Palace Shop, there is a wide range of glass and crystal options. Some of our best sellers include the Sacred Squirter, Cervix Serpent, Black Mamba & the Empress. If you’ve never tried using glass or crystal before, it can be hard to imagine how something so cold and hard could be pleasurable - which is why silicones and rubbers are so much more popular because they are more “life-like”. If you are new to glass or crystal, we recommend going for a curved shape, so you can access the g-spot and something with a handle or bulbous end for you to hold.



It’s a rite of passage to have a vibrator at some point in your life. Use them sparingly, though, as they can overstimulate and desensitise the clitoris, making it numb and harder to reach climax. At times it can become impossible to reach climax without that intense vibration stimulating the clitoris. We designed the Suki and Flick vibrators to suck or flick the clitoris, and they aren’t as intense as a classic bullet or rabbit vibrator, so many of us are familiar with them. The Suki & Flick double as a cock ring for you to use with a penis or dildo for added sensation and variety.


Anal Toy

A small butt plug is an excellent addition to your pleasure kit. It provides an added sense of fullness and new sensations while receiving pleasure through penetration or clitoral stimulation.

It’s important to remember to use an excellent quality organic lubricant with anal; the oil-based lube from Yinn Body is perfect for this. It’s smooth, slippery and has added moisturisation benefits around the anus. Being a sensitive area with limited elasticity, looking after your body, keeping it supple and responding to sensation is essential. We don’t endorse using numbing creams or lubes for anal. 


Splash Blanket

Having a small or extra small Splash Blanket underneath you anytime you’re aroused is a must! The Splash Blanket is double-sided, plush, soft, luxurious and 100% waterproof. As you dive deeper into self-pleasure and sexual exploration, you’re opening yourself up to becoming more aroused, squirting, and making a mess. It’s all part of the fun. Having a Splash Blanket gives you a sense of security and safety to just let go and enjoy every moment instead of worrying about making a mess or stripping the bed, ruining the sheets or getting oil and lube stains everywhere.

If you have sex, you should have a Splash Blanket - or many! 


I hope you have enjoyed this 5-week self-pleasure series for Masturbation May!

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May 31, 2023 — Rosie Rees

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