Mess is an unavoidable part of sex or self pleasure, however not all of us like sleeping in a wet patch (am I right!?). So if your sex towel just isn’t cutting it, keep reading.

Protect Your Bedding, Squirters!

Have you had to replace your couch or mattress because of your squirting antics? Same girl!

Fear not. Our leak-proof Splash Blankets - affectionately known ‘round here as ‘Squirt Blankets’ - not only protect your bedsheets, expensive eco mattress, couch covers, carpet or carseats from your juicy gushes, they also give you peace of mind and ability to fully relax during intimacy.

These plush, fleecey blankets are double-sided and absorb all forms of sex juices, oils, lubes and bodily fluids. And the even better news - clean up is as simple as throwing in the washing machine on a cool wash and then popping it in the dryer to keep fluffy and soft. 

The Psychological Sex Toy

The psychological blocks around sex and squirting run deep. As children we are often shamed by our parents for wetting the bed so as adults we often subconsciously put a stop to squirting, even though we know it's not technically pee. [Sign up for Rosie's online course Squirt School to learn how to squirt]. As adults, many women have had experiences with partners who often shame them for being "too wet" or making too much mess on the bed leading to laundry walks-of-shame.

Our founder Rosie Rees' philosophy is simple: “Our waterproof blanket is a psychological sex toy. When women feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self pleasure, they naturally become more orgasmic and expressive!” 

And it's true, when you have that waterproof "safety net" layer beneath you, the flood gates open and you feel more free to release all the sex fluids!

Suggested uses:

Seriously, this is the sexual accessory you didn’t know you needed, til you have it…and then you need seven. It looks like any other innocuous fleece throw, but is 100% waterproof, reversible, super cosy & warm and holds up to a litre of liquid (tried and tested). Here are some common uses for the Splash Blanket™:

  • Sex & solo self pleasure sessions 
  • Free bleeding blanket for those menstrual cycles when you don't want to wear a tampon, menstrual cup or period undies!
  • Squirting or pee play aka "water sports"
  • Pet snuggle blanket (beware of puppy thieves)
  • Baby blanket for free-nappy time
  • Birth and post-partum 
  • An innocuous “throw” for your couch and spontaneous sex sessions
  • Incontinence blanket for pets, kids, elderly or bed wetting
  • Indoors or outdoors picnic blankets 

Care Instructions:

Your blanket is made of 100% vegan polyester fleece and soft velvish fabric and when cared for properly can last many years with the waterproof function lasting one year, depending on how often you use it.  Simply wash on a cool delicate wash. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Dry your blanket on a low tumble dry to keep soft and cosy or hang out on the washing line in the sunshine. To remove stubborn stains, we recommend using a gentle, eco stain remover.

They are available in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and over ten different colours. All parcels are sent in discrete packaging. So whether it’s a sex romp, a solo session or a snuggle companion on the couch - this blanket is an essential. And trust us - once you pop, you can’t stop! 

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March 24, 2022 — Rosie Rees

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