Do you daydream in the realm of fairies, dragons, and Game of Thrones? 

Do you long to be ravaged by a High Fae King, Jon Snow, Khaleesi…or all of the above?

Do you also happen to get pretty wet and wild during sensual moments? 

Move aside towels, it’s time to pass the torch.

If you’re a *squirter* you know very well that towels don’t always get the job done – even when you lay down more than one. You also don’t want to be thinking about sleeping on a wet spot later when you’re trying to let go and be present in the moment. 

Our solution?

Squirt blankets. 

But not just any squirt blanket. We’ve added an ultra-luxurious new collection to our line of waterproof squirt blankets.

Introducing the Splash Waterproof Faux Fur Collection. Besides being super cozy and completely waterproof, the Faux Fur Splash Blanket™ can help transform a regular sexual escapade into your wildest fantasy. 

Here are our tips on tapping into your most erotic Game of Thrones energy:

Taper candles melting

Set the Stage

First, think about where your fantasy takes place.

Are you deep in the throes of passion under an exotic waterfall? 

Melting into your lover next to a crackling fireplace after they return from battle?

Making sensual love in the forest surrounded by woodland creatures?

Think about how you can set the stage with what resources you have available. Think candles, bathtubs, plants, and flowers, maybe project a video of a crackling fire. You can even take it outside if you have a private yard or land.

Setting the scene helps you switch gears from your normal life into fantasy land. Which brings us to our next tip…

Get into Character

Who are you?

A fairy queen?

A fierce, magical warrior?

Mother of dragons?

It’s time to not only transform your space, but yourself. Roleplay is a classic kink activity for a reason – it lets you leave your worries and insecurities behind and transform into whoever you want to be!

Taking on a new identity can help bring your desires to life, give you newfound confidence, and indulge in your partner’s biggest turn-ons (if you have one).

How do you do that?

Dressing up is a great place to start, that could just mean new lingerie and maybe a wig. It’s also fun to use accents and act like your character would. Just think of how much confidence it takes to lead a dragon-fueled revolution – and bring that into the bedroom. 


Woman smiling on faux fur squirt blanket

Commit and Enjoy

As hot as it may seem, it can also feel a little…silly.

But guess what? This is your fantasy and you get to create the experience.

If you want to laugh, laugh! If you want to stay in character for the rest of the day to keep the fantasy alive – awesome! You get to use your imagination to create whatever world and experience you want.

The more you let yourself lean into the creativity and sensuality of it all, the more you (and your partner) will enjoy it. 

So have fun with it, enjoy the process, and let your wildest fantasies come to life!

Just don’t forget your faux fur splash blanket.



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January 16, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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