Do you think butt plugs are for a certain gender, genitalia, or orientation? Think again! This fun, versatile toy can give pleasure to pretty much anyone that feels like exploring new sexual territory and switching up their routine.

Read on to learn about how to choose a butt plug, how to use a butt plug, and anything else you've ever wanted to know about this underappreciated toy.

Who Can Use Butt Plugs?

Repeat after me: butt plugs are for everyone. If you have a vagina, a butt plug can provide an intensely pleasurable sensation by putting pressure on the back of the vaginal wall. If you have a prostate, butt plugs are perfect for stimulating it. The anus is also surrounded by sensitive nerve endings that are full of pleasure potential.

They are also an excellent way to push your sexual boundaries, get out of your comfort zone, add some spice to your sexy time (whether solo or with a partner), and welcome entirely new levels of pleasure.

What Are Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs feature a self-explanatory name: they plug the butt. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials - if you're a regular around here you know we mostly share and sell adult toys made of the highest grade crystal, borosilicate glass, stainless steel or GIA certified stone. Cold and hard is our thanggg.

Essentially, butt plugs are usually shaped with a narrow tip that get wider toward the middle and then narrow again at the base, so the anal sphincters (yes there are two) can relax around the neck to hold the bulbous end inside.

A flared bottom, ring, or pull cord prevents the butt plug from getting lost inside you. People often use butt plugs as preparation for penetrative anal sex but they can also use as an added stimulus during self pleasure, oral sex with a partner or just for fun.

Since the anus does not self-lubricate, it is crucial to warm it up slowly with smaller objects (think butt plugs or fingers) and ample lube. Relaxation is also key for any type of anal play.

What Should I Know When Buying a Butt Plug?

Along with choosing a butt plug with a flared base, it is key to make sure your toy is high-quality and safe for the use in and around body and not a "novelty item". Cheaper toys may be less regulated and feature low quality materials that could leach chemicals into your body.

It is also helpful to start small and work your way up to larger sizes as you get more comfortable and experienced with butt plugs. It is recommended to opt for butt plugs made from nonporous materials such as stainless steel, borosilicate glass, or silicone as opposed to hard plastic or acrylic butt plugs.

What Can Butt Plugs Be Used For Aside From Anal Play?

Along with anal sex warm up and anal play, butt plugs are also used:

  • As part of dominance and submission play

  • For double penetration during vaginal sex with a dildo or penis (insert the butt plug along with plenty of lube and wear it during vaginal sex or while stimulating your clit with your fingers or a vibrator)

  • While receiving oral sex

  • As a complement to masturbation


Regardless of how you choose to use a butt plug, the importance of lube cannot be stressed enough. Since the rectum does not self lubricate, using lubrication makes the experience far more comfortable and safer. When choosing a lube, look for lubricant designed specifically for anal play.

Our top favourite lubricants for anal play are listed below:

1. Yinn Lube - Organic lubricant in a glass bottle (higher price point, but also a lube you could leave on your bed side table because it just looks so good).

2. YES Lube - Organic lubricant in a plastic squeeze bottle (lower price point, but not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye).

3. Slippery Coco - Pure fractionated coconut oil that's been distilled right here in Australia and made from 100% certified organic ingredients, pH neutral, hypoallergenic and paraben free, meaning it is vegan friendly and free from any chemicals that cause hormone disruptions.

4. Yoni Elixir - A lube that doubles as a body massage oil. Yoni Elixir smells DIVINE and is packed full of sweet almond, jojoba oil, sage, raspberry leaf, ashwaganda, chamomile, ylang ylang, rose geranium and more...

An high-quality, anal specific lube will feature:

  • A pH specifically designed for compatibility with the anal region

  • Long lasting slip and comfort

  • No skin damaging chemicals

  • Compatibility with latex, polyisoprene, and natural rubber condoms

  • A thick, long-lasting texture

  • Compatibility with silicone sex toys

  • A velvety, smooth texture

  • No odour, taste, or stickiness

  • An ingredient list designed to support the more delicate, vulnerable tissues of the anus

How Do I Insert a Butt Plug?

Here's the breakdown on the best way to insert a butt plug comfortably and safely:

  • One word: LUBE

  • Don't neglect foreplay (oral, clit stimulation, finger stimulation, anything you enjoy)

  • Relax, breath deeply, and get comfortable

  • Start with something small such as a lubed finger to help get warmed up comfortably (use your finger or your partner's to circle the anus before gliding it gently in and out and adding another finger once comfortable)

  • Once you've worked up to a couple of fingers, cover your butt plug in lube and gently and slowly slide it in (it can be helpful to be bent over in a doggy-style position but it may take some experimentation to find what works best for you)

How Do I Take Out a Butt Plug?

To easily and safely remove a butt plug, take slow, deep breaths as you or your partner gently holds the base and slides it out. Removal is sometimes easier after an orgasm as the pelvic floor will relax. It's normal to worry whether there will be poop on the plug, however most of the time there is no poop matter stored in the colon. If there is, big deal! Just wipe it off with some loo paper and wash in warm soapy water and wash your hands afterwards.

How Do I Clean a Butt Plug?

After butt plug play, wash your hands and your butt plug with warm water and soap. Have your partner wash their hands as well. If you have a vagina, be especially careful to avoid bacteria transfer from the butt to the vagina or vulva as this can lead to infection.

Silicone plugs can even be tossed in the dishwasher and some other materials can be boiled for disinfection. Always check with the directions and the manufacturer's label for proper cleaning instructions.

Best not to boil crystal butt plugs as they may crack under the pressure. Warm soapy water is sufficient.

What Is the Best Butt Plug for Me?

Choosing a butt plug comes down to your interests and comfort level. Here is a list of our favourites at Yoni Pleasure Palace:

  • We suggest the Bloom for a beginner as it is small, cute and not too intimidating.
  • The Benny is perfect for beginners who might desire a slightly longer neck for more to play with.
  • The Bishop is ideal for people who desire a two-tiered plug with an extra wide base.
  • The Crystal Butt Plug is perfect for those who want to combine crystal vibration with their pleasure practice.
  • The Foxy for those who want to pretend they have a big bushy fox tail...

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Wishing you self-exploration, self-love, and fun!

February 02, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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