The Cervix Serpent™ is our best selling glass pleasure wand, designed for internal de-armouring, vaginal self-massage, self pleasure and releasing pelvic tension. 

If you experience vaginal pain, tension or numbness during sex or self pleasure, practicing a gentle de-armouring practice (taught in depth inside The Golden Yoni Membership: join here) can help release and soften knots of tension and numbness inside the vagina, which will lead to more pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Quite often, women who have experienced sexual or birth trauma in their life sometimes store these feelings of anger, sadness, fear or betrayal as physical tension inside their vagina, which can lead to painful sex and vaginal numbness. The Cervix Serpent™ is a dearmouing tool that can help release this tension or numbness and allow you to return to pleasure. Here is a helpful blog on how to naturally heal pelvic floor tension or vaginismus and a blog by founder, Rosie Rees on how to dearmour your yoni. 

It's important when doing a dearmouring practice that you use a glass pleasure wand. This is because glass is firm and won't bend back, meaning it will add gentle pressure onto spaces or areas inside the vagina, which will help release tension. Whether you've ordered the 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 version, you can use them all in the same way. The glass wand is long enough to reach the cervix whilst also having enough to hold onto externally and manoeuvre ergonomically in and out of the vagina (hence why it is so long at about 25cm).

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the glass pleasure wand:

Step 1: Wash the wand in warm soapy water to ensure it's clean and hygienic before use. This also helps the glass adapt to a warmer temperature, which feels more gentle when inserting inside the vagina. 

Step 2: Create a love nest for the ritual. Find a comfortable space in your bedroom on the bed or floor. If on the floor, we recommend laying down some blankets (the waterproof Splash Blanket™ is ideal as it can soak up any oils or bodily fluids) and pillows and make sure you have something to lean up against so you don't have to strain to hold yourself up.

Step 3: Use your favourite lubricant or intimate oil (we highly recommend Slippery Coco or YES waterbased lube). Since "dearmouring" isn't necessarily a sexual experience - although it can lead to that - adding lubricant helps to create a easeful, slippery sensation when using the wand.

Step 4: Start by taking some "yoni breaths". Take four deep belly breaths, expanding the tummy and pulling the breath into womb-space. This is a great opportunity to relax through the pelvic floor and soften the abdomen muscles (check out Rosie Rees' hashtag #stopsuckingitin for more inspiration about this!). 

Step 5: Only once you feel completely relaxed, ask your vagina if she feels receptive to receiving the Cervix Serpent™. If you receive a 'yes', place the slimmer end of the wand inside the vagina. Thinking of a clock face, start by pressing the wand on the upper wall (12 o'clock) and hold it here for four breaths.

You may feel some tension or discomfort, however it's not meant to feel painful or sharp, yet it's normal to feel a gentle pressure sensation when pressing the smooth glass on areas internally. After those four breaths, release the wand and notice how it feels when you've removed the wand from the spot. Is there some emotions rising up? Is there a memory bubbling to the surface? Do you feel nothing? Does it feel scary? When you're ready, do the same thing on the bottom wall of the vagina (6pm) and then to the right side (3pm), then left side (9am). Don't judge yourself for any experience or emotion and remember to go at your own pace. You set the limit. It's all welcome in this safe space. 

>> Here is a guided audio to practice with your Cervix Serpent™ <<

Step 6: Allow yourself to express and release emotion and sound. Breath, sound and movement are powerful tantric ways to release stored trauma inside the body. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like getting angry, groan. If you feel orgasmic, moan. There's no shame in releasing stored emotion that's trapped inside your vagina. 

Step 7: Once you have mapped the vagina internally, you may like to switch the end you're using and gently insert the more bulbous head. This can help to massage the g-zone and feel more fullness internally. It can also feel nice to apply different amounts of pressure of the bulbous end on the cervix. You can try tapping, rapid pulses, rolling circles, flicking or pressing and holding pressure for four breaths and then releasing. 

Step 8: Once you feel complete in your session with the Cervix Serpent™ we recommend cupping your Yoni, closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths. Cup your left hand over your vulva and your right hand on top. Thank yourself for committing to the journey of exploring your vaginal landscape. Ask your Yoni if she has anything she would like to share, such as "Thank you, please let's connect more" or "I enjoyed this play-time together". It's amazing how much wisdom and feedback our vagina can give us when we tune in. Bring your right hand to your heart space and enjoy the feeling of completion and attunement with your Yoni and Heart space. 

Step 9: To finish, make sure you wash your pleasure wand under some warm running water. We recommend this cleansing wash for cleaning all your glass and crystal toys. Place your wand back inside its pouch and keep in a safe place, away from children's reach. 

Love Rosie and the team x





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February 15, 2022 — Rosie Rees

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