Does practicing yoga in the nude amongst other naked women sound intimidating to you? If you have never done it before, I can understand the hesitation. But when practiced with clear intentions, nude yoga can deepen your connection with yourself, improve your self-acceptance, enhance your self-love, and so much more.

Here, I'll explain what you can expect from a nude yoga class and why it is such a transformative, powerful practice.

What Are the Benefits of Naked Yoga?

The benefits of nude yoga can be as superficial as not having to worry about keeping up with the latest and cutest leggings to deepening the connection with your true self.

Other wonderful benefits of nude yoga include:

  • Increased the integrity of your yoga practice

  • A gentle push out of your comfort zone that allows you to deepen your practice in a variety of ways

  • A new prespective on familiar poses

  • Increased inner freedom

  • A deeper connection to poses due to increased sensory and bodily awareness

  • An increased ability to see the way your muscles engage and move through each pose

  • No resctriction from clothing as you twist, bend, and move

  • Increased feelings of self-acceptance and self-love

  • Improved relationship with your own body

  • An improved ability to let go of self-criticism and harmful self-talk

What Does A Naked Yoga Setting Look Like?

For a nude yoga class with me, you can expect a shrine of fresh flowers, crystal yoni eggs, a golden glow from the candles throughout the room, and Angel messengers cards perched in the middle of women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

We drape our bare bodies in silky, soft robes, each of us representing unique journeys.

To begin the class, each woman shares their reason for attending, some of which include:

  • To heal from sexual trauma

  • To connect with their body through changes such as menopause or pregnancy

  • Out of curiosity

  • To deepen their connection to themselves

  • To increase body awareness

  • As part of an ongoing journey to reclaim and embrace their sacred feminine

  • To feel empowered

  • To accept and embrace their sensuality and sexuality

  • To experience female connection and ritual in a safe, sacred space

Once introduced, the class completes a series of gentle stretches, hip openers, heart openers, and more, while surrounding to whatever sounds escape the lips.

Tips for your First Nude Yoga Session

For your first time practicing naked yoga, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed at any point, feel free to rest and take some deep breaths in child's pose

  • When practicing poses, take note of how each muscle is working and be sure to appreciate how strong and capable your body is

  • Avoid making comments, positive or negative, about other women's bodies

  • Breath with intention and awareness and feel free to whisper, moan, groan - whatever your body needs!

  • Remember that being naked in a nude yoga class is not performative or sexualised -- simply enjoy the moment, appreciate your body, and let your judgments and concerns go. In fact, you will most likely forget you are even naked.

What Do I Bring To A Naked Yoga Class?


Here is a list of what to bring to a nude yoga class with me:

  • A yoga mat

  • A towel to place on your mat

  • A bottle of water

  • A pen and your journal

  • A robe or sarong to wrap around yourself before we start

  • A willingness to receive and let go

  • You are weclome to use your Yoni egg during the practice if desired

Do I Have To Enjoy Other Activities To Practice Nude Yoga?

Not at all! You can enjoy nude yoga without a passion for nudism. The goal of naked yoga is not about being seen or seeing others. Rather, it is meant to be deeply insightful, meditative, and introspective.

The Importance of Cultural Rituals With Other Women

Women have long found comfort in gathering and connecting through cultural rituals. Recently, we've seen a resurgence in this desire for connection amongst women, offering a chance to take a break from the world, embrace our feminity, and re-connect with ourselves and each other.

It also allows for an important break from the commodification and sexualisation of women's bodies. After generations of being presented and viewed as sexual objects, many women have internalised sexual objectification so deeply that it can be hard to see our true worth beyond how desirable we are to men.

These unrealistic pressures and societal expectations lead women to pick themselves apart, complain about their thighs touching, worry about every little wrinkle, and spend countless hours and dollars trying to change their looks to fit society's standards of beauty. We worry about ourselves during sex, wondering how we sound or look to the other person rather than focusing on our own pleasure.

This self-loathing and self-criticism can lead women to be anxious in social situations and contribute to deep feelings of unworthiness.

It. Needs. To. Stop.


You are worthy. You are enough. You are uniquely beautiful -- inside and out. You possess a deep feminine power that is just waiting to be tapped into and unleashed.

Naked yoga can help bring you closer to accepting and believing all these qualities about yourself and help quiet the negative internal voices that so often run rampant inside our minds.

Shedding layers of clothes can act almost as a form of meditation, symbolising the shedding of layers of society's expectations and years of feeling that you are nothing more than an object.

Are You Interested In Trying A Nude Yoga Class?

Are you curious about trying a nude yoga class for yourself? My classes are safe, comfortable, welcoming, The connection amongst women is one of the most powerful experiences you can have in your life.

If you have questions about nude yoga, feel free to contact me or ask them -- and anything else -- in my private, woman-only Facebook group. Here, woman can comfortably and safely discuss anything from sex toys, to how to use a yoni egg, to their favourite lube, to relationships, and more. I created this sacred space to give women the option to be open, honest, and connect with other women.

Wishing you deep self-acceptance and freedom from expectations.

August 11, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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