Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Femke van Gurp

Trained by Inner Camp + Holos Academie Heleen Baas + Kaya Jiwan + currently in training with School Of Relational Embodiment]

Femke van Gurp

Femke van Gurp, from Essence Pillar, works as a somatic coach, and sex and intimacy coach in her private practice, where she guides all people and couples towards a more embodied and pleasurable life.

Femke has helped many men, women and couples towards a more empowered and pleasurable life in all stages of adulthood. She has the gift of making people feel seen and welcomed, no matter the issues they might be struggling with. The people who come to sessions with Femke feel seen and heard. She shows them the wisdom, innocence and the beauty of their own body.

In her de-armouring sessions, people feel they’ve released stored, unprocessed emotions. Her way of touching the body in general is incredibly precise and attentive. Femke always works with consent and is client-centred.

Her way of working gets people in touch with their bodies and their essence again. She is very passionate about giving people (self-release and pleasure) techniques they can use themselves, so they can actively partake in their process.

Women who have had sessions with her, feel more grounded, and more in tune with their sexuality and femininity. Some even said ‘There was a period before and a period after Femke. ’She has an incredible love for people. Femke is genuine, and caring with softness, while she can be very direct when necessary. She is playful and has a sense of humour.

As a young woman, she was fascinated by all kinds of subjects that were difficult to talk about to some people. Topics that had to do with shame, taboos and the unspoken. She was always the one people came to for advice on body image, love, relationships and sexuality. Because of some tough events, she went through herself, she found healing in working with her body. First through movement, dancing and yoga, which turned into more specific somatic practices. This evolved into a practice where she learned to work with sexual energy. She learned first-hand that using this energy, pleasure and arousal, can help heal even the deepest traumas. And this is where her training began. 

€95, per hour (all sessions may take 2-3 hrs.)

  • Self-pleasure session
  • Yoni de-armouring
  • Yoni massage 
  • Pelvic release 
  • Breast and heart area de-armouring 
  • Inner legs and thighs de-armouring 
  • Kasmiric massage



The Netherlands, Europe

Belgium, Europe

Germany, Europe