The Science of Pleasure

We would love to invite you to "The Science of Pleasure", a 20-week journey with 15 modules, tailored for fabulous folks like you in the sexuality field. All you need to become a true Sex Expert!

The Science of Pleasure

We have a very special invitation for you, that might be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!!

You're doing an amazing job spreading pleasure and empowerment in the world of sexuality. Go you! 🎉 We at Yoni Pleasure Palace are all about supporting high-quality and embodied practitioners like you, and we're super excited to team up with Dr. Isabela Bottura for something special.

In this program, Dr. Isabela combines her knowledge and experience as a medical doctor (ObGyn) and as a Sex Coach (Layla Martin’s VITA™ Coaching) with her passion of teaching about pleasure. She's joined by 14 spectacular guest teachers, including our very own Rosie Rees! From kink and ethical non-monogamy to the nuances of pleasure in people with medical conditions such as endometriosis, this comprehensive certification got it all covered.

Here's your chance to upgrade your business, better serve your clients, and become a Health-Informed Sex Expert!

And because you are a part of the Yoni Pleasure Practice Directory, we are giving you an exclusive code, YONI20, that will give you 20% off when you apply until the 1st of December.

And make sure you check Isabela’s IG - @isabela.bottura 

She's dropping daily reels on each module so that you can see how to convert what you’ll learn into high-quality, engaging content for your socials.

Learn more about this course and check the full syllabus at the link below.