Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Rose Sing

Trained by Amy Towle (Temple of She)

Rose Sing

Albany and Great Southern areas.

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Touring: Perth, WA in June. Please contact Rose for details. 

Rose is a mother of four and now grandmother to four. From an early age she believed that women should be in control of all aspects of their sexuality, procreation, and birthing. She was, and still is, a natural-birth advocate. Rose gave birth at home three time, one of which was a water birth. She chose homebirth midwives to help deliver her babies. Being in control of her body and birthing was her absolute intention after her first traumatic hospital birth experience, in the early 1980s.

Rose has close to three decades of experience guiding women to activate their pelvic area through belly dancing, becoming a yoni massage practitioner was a natural progression for Rose. “It is not new, it is ancient, like belly dancing. They both fall into the category of women’s sexual health and wellbeing practices.

Caring for our sexual, physical, emotional, and intuitive selves, as women, is fundamental to a long, happy, juicy life.”

Rose’s first yoni massage experience was around the same time she commenced Tantric studies in 2016. Both those events were life changing for her. She came away from the yoni massage, knowing that she, herself would be doing this especially important work in the future. Rose understands that the depth of what we hold in our yonis, energetically, emotionally, and physically is extraordinary. She believes and, knows that with the right guidance every woman can find her medicine. Its right there within her own body. She holds the key in her womb. The yoni, or scared cave, is the most potent, powerful part of a women’s anatomy.

Women who come to Rose for a yoni massage are received into a sacred, safe, loving space where everything is welcome. The pre-massage framework is helpful in bringing women into a space of trust, courage, and acceptance. While Rose holds you tenderly, she also encourages her clients to lean into any fears that may be present or come up during the session. Using mirror work, breathwork and, reflective feedback as part of the process to allow her clients to drop into the space and become present.

As well as the pre-massage work clients receive a full body massage, back, front, external yoni, and internal yoni. Pleasure strokes, mapping, massage, and de-armouring are typical during a yoni massage. A session takes between two and a half to three hours. It also includes tea and snacks and a thirty minute free debrief call one to two weeks after the session.

Feedback from clients includes, but is not limited to,

Personal growth and spiritual expansion.

Permanent shifts in family dynamics.

Intergenerational and trauma healing.

A deeper sexual connection with themselves and their partners.

Letting go of body shame.

Rose ensures that every client’s comfort, emotional safety and consent are

acknowledged and acted on.

Rose also facilitates women’s lodges for Yoni steaming, Yoni Talk and Grandmother Moon. And she is a certified Closing of the Bones Ceremony facilitator.



Great Southern and Southwest areas of Western Australia