Yoni Sunning Benefits

Here’s me on day two of my honeymoon, presenting my yoni to the beaming Thailand sun to receive the Vitamin D I desperately needed after falling sick with a nasty cold a day after our wedding day. After being up so high, I crashed down so low! But within a few days of sunshine (not just on my genitals), coconuts, steam rooms and deep relaxation, I started to feel better. Check out the post in Instagram here


‘Yoni Sunning’ is something I’ve been doing for many years and for many different reasons. Every day, when the sun’s out, I am out! I usually sun my whole body for 10-15 minutes on each side (in the low UV time of day - generally not between 11am-2pm) and open my yoni to the sun for 30-60 seconds on the front and on the back. 


Feeling the warmth from the sun between your thighs is not just a new age fad. Otherwise known as ‘Perineum sunning’, it’s an ancient Taoist practice which is said to absorb solar “prana” into the genitalia, helping to increase your life force energy and awaken creative juices. Opening your legs to the sun for a few minutes a day can have a multitude of positive impacts on your body. 

5 Benefits of Yoni Sunning:

1. Enhance Vitamin D Absorption

According to an article circulating the internet for the past few years, “30 seconds of sunlight on your perineum, is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on”. I’d love to see the actual science on this, but going off what cats have been doing their whole life, I can believe it. Jokes (and cats) aside, we all know the more vitamin D we receive the happier we feel, the healthier we are and the better our quality of sleep. Win, win, win! 

2. Increase Your Energy Levels

Many people say they feel immediate surges of energy, "high" even, after a few minutes shining their butthole to the sun! Coincidence? Maybe! Or maybe the sensitive layers of our perineum skin soaks up that solar juju faster than our other tougher layers of skin…

3. Give Yourself A Serotonin Boost

Want to enhance your mood, digestion, immune system, wound healing or sexual desire? Yoni sunning might help! Check out @laurenannekennedy_ and her reel that went viral on this. Sunlight therapy was around long before new age medications or antibiotics, so it's worth a shot if you need to give your immunity a boost! 

4. Enhance Your Libido

By opening your legs to the sun for 30 seconds, your genitals are bound to feel warm, open and exposed. This might bring about feelings of arousal, turn on, kinkiness and sexual energy. Notice if you get wet (or hard) next time you feel the warmth on your nether regions and use that energy to self pleasure. Join The Golden Yoni Membership for yoni yoga, self pleasure practices and to learn how to give yourself ultimate pleasure solo or with a partner. 

5. Increase Your Creative Energy

When your sexual energy is flowing, as is your creative energy, so it's no surprise that after a few minutes of yoni sunning, you may feel a burst of creative inspiration & flow. So if you're feeling a creative blockage, try connecting to your sex centre and giving it some sunshine! 


Some Hot Tips For Sunning Your Yoni


  1. Make sure you’re safe and secure wherever and whenever you choose to do yoni sunning (unless of course you’re an exhibitionist then that’s a different story).
  2. Notice if your bedroom, lounge room or back yard receives sunshine at certain time of day and put it in your phone as an alarm and make time for a few minutes of this ancient wellness practice. If you don’t have a spot in your home that is safe to get nude, find a local nude beach (with no creepy perverts around) and open your legs for a few minutes after dipping into the ocean.
  3. Don’t leave your genitals out in the sun for too long! This sensitive skin is just that, sensitive, so 30 seconds to a minute is long enough. Go longer at your own discretion! 
  4. Choose the time of day that’s not in peak sunlight and check the UV status (google it). Avoid the strongest time, usually between 10am til 3pm.


Guided Practice to Yoni Sunning


  1. Find a safe space in your house or in nature to receive some sunshine rays 
  2. Lay on your back with your knees bent, with the soles of your feet together like in reclined butterfly yoga pose
  3. Place your hands over your belly or pubic mound
  4. Whilst receiving the sunshine, breathe deeply into your nose and exhale out of your mouth, imagine you’re soaking in the solar energy into your vulva lips, perineum and butt hole, and releasing any stored tension back to the earth 
  5. To generate more sexual energy, try squeezing your pelvic floor muscles 30 times during the 30 seconds and imagine like you’re pulsating your creative energy! 
  6. If it feels nice, self pleasure once you’re finished and use plenty of lubricant or coconut oil We recommend organic lubricant by Yinn Body. 


Try doing your next yoga practice, meditation or gym workout in the sunshine (and flash your bits for half a minute) and notice the revitalising benefits! Moderation is key, so always listen to your body.



Rosie x



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June 19, 2023 — Rosie Rees

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