Have you been wondering about squirting? If you’re a vulva owner, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about it before.

Let’s talk about it!

Squirting is an event where a vulva owner releases liquid from their urethra (pee hole) during sexual stimulation. It’s been a talking point for sexual health experts and researchers for aeons.

Unlike vaginal lubrication, where a person's vagina secretes a white and milky fluid when they're aroused, squirting involves a clear and odourless fluid, typically in excess. Squirting can happen before, during, or after an orgasm. 

Since squirting and sex are considered taboo in many cultures and require sexual stimulation to achieve this experience, it's hard to study due to a general unwillingness of people wanting to be a part of the research.

However, in a 2013 review of squirting studies, OB-GYN Dr Zlatko Pastor wrote that an estimated 54% of women have reported the ability to squirt. We believe all vulva owners have the ability to, but perhaps haven’t nailed the technique required to achieve it.


Research shows that squirting is related to glands in the urethral sponge, which is embedded in the vaginal walls along the sides of the urethra. These glands, called Skene's glands, are part of the urination process.

So, if squirting is associated with the urethra, surely it’s pee?

Well, no! Researchers have looked at the chemical composition of female ejaculate (squirt) and found some chemicals that are in urine as well as a prostate‐specific antigen. This is a chemical found in semen, which has established the reference to "female ejaculation."

There’s still a question about where this fluid reservoir is held. The theory is the bladder but the function of the ejaculate and urine are two separate things.

There may be an involuntary release of small amounts of urine while squirting, creating a mixture of fluids. The amount of urine depends on when the person peed last and how hydrated they are.

Let’s look at things this way: A penis owner ejaculates and urinates from the same opening, however, we don’t consider ejaculate to be pee so squirting should be considered in the same way.

You may not have squirted before, but that doesn’t mean you’re not able to! We believe that every vulva owner has the ability to squirt and we actively teach you how to do it through Squirt School.

We’ve also developed a number of products to help you achieve this like our best-selling sacred squirter and of course, the splash blanket, developed specifically to help you relax into a gushing, wet and sloppy sexcapade! 


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June 23, 2023 — Rosie Rees

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