There’s no doubt sex and self-pleasure can get messy, but who wants to sleep in a wet patch after?

If you’ve had to deal with a mess on your couch or mattress because things got wet and wild, we’re proud to offer our leak-proof Splash Blankets™ - affectionately known as Squirt Blankets™.

Here, we’ll look at why to use Squirt Blankets, how to use a waterproof blanket, and how they can even help you enjoy sex more.

Benefits of a Waterproof Squirt Blanket

  • Unlock your Inhibitions – Knowing you can fully relax without worrying about making a mess or ruining your mattress or furniture allows the mind and body to fully let go. “The blanket is a psychological sex toy. When women feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self pleasure, they naturally become more orgasmic and sexually expressive!” - Rosie Rees
  • Protects Sheets and Mattresses – Towels have limited absorbency and can allow moisture to seep through and damage your pricey mattress, carpet, or couch.
  • No More Interruptions - With a squirt blanket, there’s no need to stop midway to worry about cleaning up sheets or switching out a towel. And after? Go ahead and fall asleep in your bliss without worrying about lying in a wet spot.
  • Versatility – Waterproof blankets aren’t just for sex or masturbation – squirt blankets can be used in a variety of other ways (more on this below)
  • Comfortable – A towel just doesn’t compare to cuddling up with a plush, fleecy, cosy blanket during sex or amazing masturbation sessions.
  • Aesthetics – Squirt blankets are functional – and beautiful. Leave one out as an inconspicuous throw for your couch or a lovely blanket over your bed so you’re always ready for a spontaneous sex or self-pleasure session.

Suggested Uses for Squirt Blankets

Here are some of our favourite ways to use our Squirt Blankets:

  • Sex and solo self pleasure sessions
  • Free bleeding during your menstrual cycle
  • A soft and cosy incontinence pad
  • Pet snuggle blanket
  • A blanket for free-nappy time for your little one
  • A cosy blanket for birth and post-partum recovery
  • An innocuous “throw” for your couch and spontaneous sex sessions
  • Incontinence blanket for pets, kids, elderly or bed wetting
  • Indoors or outdoors picnic blankets

What Is the Best Squirt Blanket for Sex?

Our Waterproof Squirt Blankets are:

  • Available in a range of vibrant colours including moon blood, Egyptian blue, champagne, and more.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Vegan
  • Lightweight
  • Luxurious, cosy, and so comfortable
  • Tried and tested to hold up to a litre of liquid
  • Double-sided
  • Able to absorb liquid rather than letting it pool on top
  • Easy to care for (wash on cool, delicate cycle and tumble dry on low or hang outside – avoid bleach or fabric softener)

Squirt School

You certainly don’t have to be a squirter to enjoy the benefits of our Waterproof Blankets, but it is a pretty amazing way to put your blanket to use.

If you are like the many women who have asked me “What is squirting?” or “How do I squirt?”, I invite you to join me for Squirt School.

I created Squirt School to be an immersive, enjoyable experience dedicated to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know about squirting. Squirt School is THE online course for learning how to have a G-spot orgasm that can lead to the ecstatic, juicy experience of female ejaculation.

In this online course, we cover everything you need to know about squirting, including:

  • What squirting is
  • Anatomy and history of the G-zone
  • How to overcome blocks to squirting
  • Manual stimulation techniques for squirting
  • A real life recorded demonstration of solo squirting and squirting with a partner
  • Preparation for squirting
  • How to experience a G-spot orgasm and squirt
  • And so much more!

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May 31, 2022 — Rosie Rees

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