You’re hot stuff.

Trust us.

But sometimes it’s hard to believe it yourself – we understand.

Confidence can ebb and flow throughout your life, but it’s like a muscle. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. 

Small actions here and there can help you move through the world feeling more empowered and sure of yourself. Think of things like flirting with a stranger, sharing a piece of art you’ve been hiding, or going to that pole dancing class you’ve always wanted to try.

To a certain extent – confidence is cumulative. But it can take some work to build it up.

One of our favorite ways to feel hotter and more confident in minutes? A sexy, selfie photo shoot. 

Whether you’re a pro at taking thirst traps or you rarely look at yourself in the mirror – we’ve got a few tips and tricks for your next sexy photoshoot. 

1) Set The Stage

Nothing will ruin your photoshoot faster than that pile of clothes that’s been lying on your bed for the last week. 

But setting the stage isn’t just about making your space nice and tidy – although no shame if you want to leave that messy corner in your room as is. 

Your photoshoot doesn’t have to be in your room either. It could be in front of that flower patch in your backyard or the gorgeous fireplace in your living room. 

Choose a backdrop that sets the tone of whatever vibe you’re going for. Whimsical garden fairy,  regal royalty, water nymph of your bathtub. 

Now zhuzh it up! Light candles, put out a vase of flowers, or lay out a luxurious Waterproof Faux Fur Squirt Blanket

2) Doll Yourself Up

Now that you’ve set the stage, it’s time to get yourself ready. 

The most important thing is that you feel like yourself. If you love a red lip – go for it! If you feel like a little kid who got into their mom’s makeup with a full face on, skip it. Do what makes you feel good.

You may want to don a sexy little dress, or that cute lingerie set you’ve been waiting to wear, or maybe you’re going full nude – do your thing.

This doesn’t have to be a full glam affair, it may be as simple as brushing your hair and swiping on some blush. But it definitely helps boost your confidence when you feel tidy and put together – whatever that means for you.

3) Get in your body

You’re feeling like hot stuff, then you get in front of the camera, and you…freeze up. 

Unless you’re in front of a camera on a regular basis, it’s not realistic to expect yourself to be a natural right away. One of the easiest ways to help get over your nerves is by getting out of your head – and into your body.

Our recommendation? Put on some sexy tunes and start moving. 

Shake your booty, breathe into your belly, touch your body, practice your poses in the mirror, get moving, and let go of whatever is holding you back from feeling connected and grounded in your body.

4) Tap into Your Sensual Energy

Another way to get into your body? Masturbation. Get your sacred sexual energy flowing and give your face that special glow through a mind-blowing orgasm.

To give yourself the royal treatment, we’ve been loving our Rose Quartz Dildo Pleasure Wand - The Duchess. 

The Duchess has four smooth, hand-carved bulbs designed to stimulate the natural curves inside your vagina, from your G-spot to your cervix! Made from loving rose quartz, this stone helps you evoke love, joy, and emotional healing. 


The Duchess Dildo

5) Say Cheese!

Ok maybe don’t say cheese, but by now we think you’re ready to get snapping. You can set up a tripod or Macgyver one on a stack of books to get the right angle.

Put on a playlist that makes you feel juiced up and inspired. Try different poses, and different outfits, and take risks – you may just surprise yourself. 

No one ever has to see these pictures besides you (unless you want someone to). So have at it and enjoy the process! 

Confidence is a lot deeper than feeling sexy – but it sure does help when you feel comfortable in your own skin. We hope this photoshoot gives you the boost you need!


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February 20, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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