Did you know that it doesn't matter how many people you are intimate with, exchanging energetic and spiritual energy during intimacy will stay with you until you shift this?


As a healed sex addict I had been intimate with over 700 people in my life. After healing my addiction I decided to become celibate until I met the right partner, and my sexual healing journey was a big priority for me.  

I did a lot of research and tried many things to help remove this negative energy exchange, and shared trauma that I didn’t know I even had taken on.  I took on all different energies, not only emotional, but physical, and spiritual as well.  



I met with Rosie the owner of the Yoni Pleasure Palace at Sexpo, the Lifestyle Exhibition whilst I was MCing the event, and we discussed in depth, the healing benefits of the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg. I was enlightened and excited about the idea of a physical process to transform this situation.

I am definitely into trying new things, and I do believe in the healing power of crystals but I did not know to what extent I was about to experience a cleansing, major healing.  It was phenomenal.

My First Yoni Egg Experience

I decided to purchase the drilled Rose Quartz Yoni Egg so that I could put some Eco String through the hole to help remove it. I was both excited and a bit dubious at first about inserting it in case it got stuck or fell out, but I trusted the process.  I knew that by releasing expectations, fears, and attachments to the outcome I would have a genuinely wonderful experience.

After cleansing it in warm soapy water, I turned on some binaural beats, and put some root chakra essential oils on.

I gently inserted it, and it felt warm at first, but then I couldn’t feel it anymore, which is normal until you start to get more sensitivity by using the Yoni Egg more regularly.  

I laid down and closed my eyes. My intention was to do a guided meditation, but I didn’t get the chance to start my own.  The Rose Quartz Yoni Egg took over my meditation and guided me. What an experience!


My Spiritual Awakening

It blew my mind. As I was laying there, I could see in my mind's eye, also known as the third eye, two white arms, and hands on either side of my hips. And in a butterfly stroke-like motion they were cleansing my root chakra in an up-and-down motion from the top of my hips to the bottom of my legs.

This, I felt, was removing any negative or traumatic energy still attached to my Yoni.  

It was phenomenal.  Regardless of what I did, close my eyes, open my eyes, I could see the arms and hands moving, non-stop for fifteen minutes.  I surrendered and allowed the process to occur.  

I have never had such an experience before.  I felt cleansed, whole, nurtured, and happy.  After that, I decided to not allow any more unwanted energy into my body.  That it was my sacred space.



I was celibate for 18 months.  Then I met the most incredible man.  Whilst I am spiritual, and in tune with souls not of this world, it is easy for me to experience these things.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t either.

My recommendation when inserting your Yoni Egg is to 

  1. Remove expectations of how it will feel, or what will happen.
  2. Trust the process
  3. Remove the attachment to the outcome
  4. Ask your Yoni Egg to do whatever it is you are looking for; strengthen, heal, cleanse, tighten, sensitise your Yoni.  

Your journey is yours only.

There are many reasons to use a Yoni Egg, there are also many different crystals that work with different types of energy, healing, and love.  Do your research on what is best for you, and know you don’t have to stop at one type.  

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask the team what you need, they are experts, and will guide you.  Or simply ask yourself, “what would I like to achieve with this process”?  Is it self-love, healing, or protection? Intuitively you will find the answer.

This was such a beautiful process that I would love more women and people with a womb to experience.  It is magical, healing, and I am so grateful I experienced it.’

Much love

Belinda x



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August 04, 2023 — Belinda Love

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