Let's dive into a topic often whispered about in hushed tones: sexual spontaneity. We all know that feeling of excitement, that electric charge that runs through our bodies when things get a little adventurous in the bedroom. But how do we keep the fire burning bright and create more opportunities for those thrilling moments in our relationships? It’s common to experience a drop in libido through different ages and stages of your life and relationship. Let’s be honest, long term relationships tend to become monotonous, routine, and habit. We have to actively prioritise a healthy sex life to maintain that spicy sexual chemistry that was on tap in the early stages of the relationship.

Today we are here to share some juicy secrets about adding that extra sparkle and sizzle to your love life. So, let's get our naughty hats on and explore the wonderful world of sexual spontaneity!

Set the Mood:

It seems counterintuitive to “set the mood” when talking about spontaneous and exciting sex, but we truly have to create the moments to take advantage of when we are busy living our day-to-day life.
When you feel sexy, you’re more likely to share that with your partner, so shave your legs, moisturise, pop on some sexy knickers and invite your partner to eat you for dinner on the kitchen bench... Half the thrill of spontaneous sex is knowing what’s coming and seeing how your partner delights in it.
Dim the lights, light some scented candles, and put on soft, sexy music. Explore the world of aphrodisiacs by incorporating them into your meals or enjoying a glass of wine together. Dance around and tease your partner with nothing but a t-shirt on.

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Get into the mood with Rosie's sexy Spotify playlist

Prioritise Quality Time:

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to let quality time with your partner slip away. However, investing time in your relationship is crucial for fostering spontaneity in the bedroom. Schedule regular date nights to reconnect and focus solely on each other. Engage in activities that encourage intimacy and playfulness, such as cooking together, taking long walks, or even trying a new hobby as a couple. These shared experiences strengthen your bond and provide fertile ground for passionate moments. 

Embrace Sensual Surprises:

Spontaneity thrives on surprises, and what better way to keep the flame burning bright than by indulging in sensual surprises? Leave a love note in your partner's pocket, send a suggestive text during the day, or leave a trail of rose petals in the bedroom. Surprise your partner with a new lingerie set or a naughty adult game to spice things up. Remember, the unexpected moments of pleasure can lead to unforgettable encounters.

Explore Your Fantasies:

Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new territories together can be incredibly exhilarating. Talk openly about your fantasies, desires, and secret dreams with your partner. Together, you can brainstorm ways to incorporate them into your love life. Consider role-playing, experimenting with different positions, or introducing sex toys for added excitement. Exploring new horizons keeps things fresh and invigorates your connection. What would usually be “regular sex”, whispering something unexpected and seeing how it can shift gears and create a completely satisfying, toe-curling encounter.

Dare to Take Risks:

Taking risks can ignite a fire within you and your partner. Plan a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin, try skinny dipping under the moonlight, or engage in public displays of affection in a discreet location. These shared adventures create a sense of thrill and excitement, reminding you both of the electrifying passion you share. Long drives are the ultimate opportunity to get freaky with your partner, pull off and recreate the steamy Titanic car scene or get wild over the bonnet of the car. Added benefits of fresh air!

Splash Blanket

If you’re a parent reading this, you may think, yeah, sex with kids is so hard - and we understand! In this season of life and your relationship, you have to work hard to make sex and connection a priority. If you have the support available, a visit with the grandparents for a few hours while you and your partner go for a drive or out for dinner is essential, and you can spice up that innocent child-free dinner with a side of sex.

Remember, the key to sexual spontaneity lies in maintaining an open and honest line of communication with your partner. Discuss your desires, boundaries, and fantasies, and be receptive to their needs. Keep the playful spirit alive, and never be afraid to express yourself or suggest something new. Incorporating these strategies into your relationship will create a vibrant and adventurous love life where sexual spontaneity flourishes.

Now, go forth and unleash the magic in your relationship! Remember, you deserve a love life bursting with passion and excitement. And always remember, my dear friends, to keep the flame burning bright, nurture your connection, and embrace the wonderful gift of sexual spontaneity.

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July 21, 2023 — Rosie Rees

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